Heart Signal 2: Episode 3


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With everyone’s occupation and age revealed, the dynamics are slightly shifting. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on who you are. For Hyun Woo, the reveal is great.  He was already perceived as charismatic but given his age, he also appears more mature. Also, what’s not to find attractive in a man who cooks?

However, the age reveal was bad news for Gyu Bin. He turns out to be the youngest. I can see him heading for the Friend Zone and staying there. I doubt that we’ll have a dongsaeng-noona romance here. Sad.

There are a few highlights in this episode. Let me walk you through the most important scenes. Spoilers ahead.

The Cooking Scene

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 9.51.33 PM

Hyun Woo gets to showcase his cooking skills. He makes some delicious looking scrambled eggs for breakfast. While he cooks, there is a lot of observation to be done (Shout-out to the cameramen for doing such a great job and capturing the scene from every angle imaginable!).

  • Hyun Ju and Da Eun can’t keep their eyes off Hyun Woo while he cooks. Borderline, not drooling while they stare. I think what makes Hyun Woo so attractive is the way he carries himself and I know I have probably said this too many times already. He’s just so charismatic. Hyun Woo is doing his thing without even realizing that he shifts the mood in a room. When he is in the room, people are nervous, flustered, and smitten.
  • Even Do Gyun can’t keep his eyes off Hyun Woo. For Do Gyun, some of it is him observing a rival and another part is him being impressed by Hyun Woo.

A Trip to Hyun Woo’s Restaurant 

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 9.56.32 PM

Da Eun, Young Ju and Hyun Ju grab lunch at Hyun Woo’s restaurant. Great atmosphere and again the food cooked by Hyun Woo looked delish. Instagram worthy type of food. Here again a few things to point out.

  • The conversation was inclusive but Hyun Woo seemed more interested in hearing what Young Ju had to say. Some serious flirting in the air. He paid special attention to Young Ju, making sure she was having a good time and enjoying her meal. Even when he engaged with Da Eun and Hyun Ju, Hyun Woo’s gaze would go back to Young Ju. I can feel the chemistry between these two. At first, I shipped Young Ju and Gyu Bin but I’ll have to take that back. Team Young Ju-Hyun Woo from now on.
  • Da Eun sensed the chemistry between Hyun Woo and Young Ju and I am pretty sure she wasn’t thrilled about it. I can’t blame her. I found it funny that she kept trying to jump in their 1-on-1 conversation and redirect some of the attention to herself.

The Gifts and Christmas Day Prep 

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 9.57.34 PM

Opening gifts.

The men in the house bought small gifts and placed them under the Christmas Tree. The gift picked by each woman determines she goes on a date with on Christmas Day. I can’t stand the fact that we have to wait until next week to see who goes on a date with who. One good thing… We know who wanted to go on a date with who. Also because there are four men in the house and only three women, Da Eun will get two dates.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 9.58.17 PM

  • Hyun Woo and Young Ju both wanted to go on a date with each other. Tears of joy right here.
  • Jae Ho wanted to go on a date with Da Eun. As a side note, Jae Ho has been pretty consistent. He’s clearly shown his interest in Da Eun from the get go. He’s a keeper.
  • Da Eun wanted to go on a date with Hyun Woo.
  • Gyu Bin wanted to go on a date with Hyun Ju. Probably because Hyun Ju was the nicest to him and that he is losing hope when it comes to Young Ju.
  • Hyun Ju and Do Gyun both wanted to go on a date with each other. I am still not interested in Hyun Ju’s storyline. I don’t dislike her but with her age revealed I find the cutesy act fake.

Needless to say that I can’t wait for the next episode. I hope this turns out better than the first season, which I dropped after two episodes.


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