Tempted: Bad or Extra Bad?


This drama is such a waste of time. If you haven’t started yet, please don’t even consider watching the show.

The only thing this drama has to offer is the attractive cast. That’s it. Nothing else to see there.

The story is based on the French epistolary novel “Dangerous Liaisons” by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos.  I absolutely love this book. This book, although written in the 18th century, has been the subject of many adaptations. One of the best adaptation is the 1988 movie with Glenn Close and John Malkovich.

The story goes like this in the K-drama version: Three childhood friends, somewhat entangled in a love triangle, are known for creating a mess everywhere they go. Choi Soo Ji, Kwon Si Hyun and Lee Se Joo, are rich heirs who live carefree and purposeless lives. Things take an interesting turn when Soo Ji asks Si Hyun to help her take revenge on her ex-boyfriend.

The revenge plot is simple: Si Hyun will have to seduce the ex-boyfriend’s first love and forever crush, Eun Tae Hee. Of course, this wouldn’t be dramatic enough if Si Hyun didn’t end up falling in love with Tae Hee.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 9.13.02 PM

What I dislike about Tempted

Disclaimer: I dislike almost every thing about this drama.

  • The acting is so bad, especially Joy’s. I don’t understand why they couldn’t cast somebody else. Joy’s acting is awkward to the point that it makes me uncomfortable. As I mentioned earlier, this show is based on a novel with complex characters and an intricate plot. You can’t just expect any average actress to play such a role.
  • The plot moves so slowly. There are currently 16 episodes out and new plot lines keep being introduced. This makes me wonder how are they going to develop all these plot lines? How are they going to be able to tie loose ends before the finale? I predict a messy ending.
  • Some characters are just useless. For instance, Lee Se Joo. Yes, his character is funny but I don’t see how he helps the plot move forward. What purpose does he serve in the drama?

You are probably wondering why do I keep watching when I have nothing nice to say about it… Curiosity, curiosity. I want to see how badly the director can keep botching the show.

Lastly, if you are still considering watching this drama, I want to warn you. Do not expect a happy ending. The novel ends badly for almost everybody (the good and the bad guys).


7 thoughts on “Tempted: Bad or Extra Bad?

  1. I’m watching it because – Woo Do Hwan. I’m disappointed in all the filler. I’ve been fast forwarding through the filler. I think Woo Do Hwan is wasted on fluff and unoriginal stuff. He was great, amazing in Save Me. I didn’t care for Mad Dog either.
    I hope he gets into better dramas going forward.

  2. Completely false, i don’t get what you mean. All the actors and actresses were amazing. There were ups and downs throughout the show keeping you on edge. It may have a sad ending but its one of my favourite dramas by far. It shows the true sides to relationships and friendships. Many things drama don’t do, it doesn’t make relationships and friendships seem happy and like great allt he time, it’s shows the reality of things. Which I really appreciated. You all should watch this.

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