Before We Get Married: Episode 4

At this point, Wei Wei and Ke Huan are extremely unhappy. Wei Wei is also experiencing doubt. Meanwhile Hao Yi and Zi Yuan are clueless/delusional. A plethora of emotions. Let’s dive in.

Ke Huan sells his apartment to Hao Yi at a discount. When Ke Huan decides to sell the house, it seems like he’s ready to step back. He wants to contribute to Wei Wei’s happiness. Yet, this happiness doesn’t involve him and he realizes letting go is easier said than done.

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Hao Yi finally proposes to Wei Wei with a ring that Ke Huan helped him picked. This should be a joyful event as Hao Yi and Wei Wei are now home owners and a future married couple. Although Wei Wei accepts the proposal, she is not that thrilled and that’s an understatement.

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One Spring Night



Another great mature drama! I have been impatiently waiting for new episodes of this drama and Before We Get Married to air.

This show gives me vibes of Something in the Rain because of the serious themes tackled. The stories are quite different but both deal with societal issues and pressures.


Lee Jung-In is a librarian who has been dating her successful and wealthy boyfriend, Kwon Ki-Seok, for about four years. In many people’s eyes, their relationship is perfect but what they don’t see is the lack of passion. When Jung-In meets Yoon Ji-Ho, a pharmacist and a single father, she starts to re-discover the meaning of love.


To make things more complicated, Ji Ho turns out to be a junior (hoobae) of Jung In’s boyfriend.

Other characters to look out for are Jung-In’s two sisters, especially the older sister who is dealing with serious issues of her own.

Single fatherhood

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Ji Ho being a single father will probably be the hardest hurdle to overcome for the lead couple. This is something both are well aware of. This is also one of the reasons why Ki Seok refuses to let go of Jung In. Ki Seok never imagined Jung In breaking up with him. Ki Seok finds this break up especially hurtful since Jung In fell in love with a man with a child. For Ki-Seok, this is unimaginable and this tells you all about how single fathers are perceived. They are seen as defective, not worthy of love or consideration. That’s also why I am thoroughly enjoying this slap in the face to Ki-Seok. I am happy that his ego is bruised. It gives me a sense of satisfaction because he belittled Ji-Ho, not knowing that is the same man is girlfriend is falling for.

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Before We Get Married


Wow. I realized it’s been over a year since we’ve published anything. Life happens and ours have been pretty hectic lately.

Regardless, I wanted to take the time to discuss this drama which has me hooked! It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way about a drama. I also noticed that Before We Get Married is not getting the attention it deserves when compared to other currently airing dramas.

Let’s talk about the plot before I share my first impressions (SPOILER ALERT).

Chu Ke Huan, a successful financial trader, has been in a relationship for about ten years with his fiancee. The female lead, Zhou Wei Wei, has also been in a relationship with her co-worker for three years. At first glance, both couples seem pretty happy in their relationship.

However, appearances can be deceiving. Wei Wei’s boyfriend, Li Hao Yi, has been obsessed with saving money to achieve specific goals such as buying a house at a certain price point, having two children and retiring by 65. Even their sex life is planned and scheduled. They can only stay at each other’s place during weekends. This is all good for Wei Wei until she meets Ke Huan. The latter makes her question if this is the life she really wants – always counting every penny, being unable to splurge once in a while, etc.

Meanwhile, Ke Huan’s encounter with Wei Wei also reveals the cracks in his relationship. Ke Huan and Zi Yuan have been together for 10 years but it seems that only one person seems emotionally invested at this point… and it’s not Ke Huan. If you’ve watched the three first episodes, you’ll quickly realize that Ke Huan seems to suffocate in his current relationship. Several times, he tries to have hard conversations but Zi Yuan always avoids them. Instead of facing the issues they are encountering, Zi Yuan seems determined to force the marriage on Ke Huan. She often reminds him of the promise Ke Huan made to her mother – taking care of her sister and her. Zi Yuan also often takes decisionS regarding Ke Huan’s private and professional life without consulting him and using “I am doing what’s best for you” excuse.

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