Before We Get Married


Wow. I realized it’s been over a year since we’ve published anything. Life happens and ours have been pretty hectic lately.

Regardless, I wanted to take the time to discuss this drama which has me hooked! It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way about a drama. I also noticed that Before We Get Married is not getting the attention it deserves when compared to other currently airing dramas.

Let’s talk about the plot before I share my first impressions (SPOILER ALERT).

Chu Ke Huan, a successful financial trader, has been in a relationship for about ten years with his fiancee. The female lead, Zhou Wei Wei, has also been in a relationship with her co-worker for three years. At first glance, both couples seem pretty happy in their relationship.

However, appearances can be deceiving. Wei Wei’s boyfriend, Li Hao Yi, has been obsessed with saving money to achieve specific goals such as buying a house at a certain price point, having two children and retiring by 65. Even their sex life is planned and scheduled. They can only stay at each other’s place during weekends. This is all good for Wei Wei until she meets Ke Huan. The latter makes her question if this is the life she really wants – always counting every penny, being unable to splurge once in a while, etc.

Meanwhile, Ke Huan’s encounter with Wei Wei also reveals the cracks in his relationship. Ke Huan and Zi Yuan have been together for 10 years but it seems that only one person seems emotionally invested at this point… and it’s not Ke Huan. If you’ve watched the three first episodes, you’ll quickly realize that Ke Huan seems to suffocate in his current relationship. Several times, he tries to have hard conversations but Zi Yuan always avoids them. Instead of facing the issues they are encountering, Zi Yuan seems determined to force the marriage on Ke Huan. She often reminds him of the promise Ke Huan made to her mother – taking care of her sister and her. Zi Yuan also often takes decisionS regarding Ke Huan’s private and professional life without consulting him and using “I am doing what’s best for you” excuse.

Oh, to make things more complicated Zi Yuan and Wei Wei turn out to be college classmates. Dramaland always playing tricks 😅.

It’s in the midst of all this that Ke Huan starts to pursue Wei Wei…

A lot of people are turned off by the cheating aspect of this drama but not me. Unfortunately, cheating happens all the time. I think this drama shows an ugly side of relationships that are often ignored or glossed over in many of the dramas that are out there. Before We Get Married has a mature side to it. It’s a no nonsense drama. It shows how people fall out of love, how people are pressured to stay in a relationships, how people lose a sense of who they are because they are just going along with what their significant other wants.

I have to say my heart aches the most for Ke Huan. It’s been 10 years! Yet, the relationship isn’t working out. I hope we learn more about how they met and why he made a promise to Zi Yuan’s mother.

Also to everyone Zi Yuan seems like a sweet girl and that’s how she’s introduced to viewers at first but I find her slightly manipulative. I don’t know if she’s doing it on purpose or simply out of fear of losing Ke Huan. Nonetheless, it becomes obvious that she invades Ke Huan’s space. One good example is when she takes the decision to sell Ke Huan’s house without  discussing it with him. That drove me crazy but it also moves to plot along as Wei Wei and Hao Yi present themselves as potential buyers. More interaction for the leads

I have to add that Zi Yuan spending habits are quite surprising given that she doesn’t have a job. I think her spending habits might be a bit of a turn off for Ke Huan at this point. Ke Huan hasn’t addressed it directly but I think this is part of what draws him to Wei Wei.

At first, Ke Huan is just intrigued by Wei Wei, especially when he comes across her planner/diary. He sees all the plans that Wei Wei and Hao Yi made in terms of savings and life goals. What starts as curiosity quickly changes to attraction and at this point, episode 3, it’s reciprocal. Wei Wei might be in denial but it’s all to clear that her resolve is shaken by Ke Huan. It’s also interesting to me how every time she meets Ke Huan, she runs to her boyfriend to reassure herself that she still loves him (Hao Yi). Not working so far.

Three things I am impatiently waiting for:

  • The leads mutual confession
  • The significant others finding out about the affair (The fallout will be so angsty)
  • A bit more background on each of the relationships
  • More scenes of Ke Huan and Wei Wei just because their chemistry is amazing

Lastly, my only complaint is that this drama airs once a week. I am also worried about the ending. Can a show like this have a happy ending?

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