Fan-made Parody Videos Better Than the Original!

Recently, I have seen these videos circulating amongst the Hyde, Jekyll, and Me as well as Kill Me Heal Me fanbases! They are fan-made parodies of Jeon Ji Hyun’s CF for lipstick redone by Ji Sung or AKA YoNa. And we also have 50 Shades of Grey, Seo Jin style with HaNa. They are really well made and hey, I would definitely buy those products and watch that movie !

Touching Thai Commercials

Thai commercials have a way of touching a person’s heart in the simplest ways. The commercials are never flashy, but focus on the basic emotions a person feels and the simple interactions of daily life. However, the message delivered is more powerful than you can imagine and makes a deep impression in my mind every time. Here are some of my favorites. They make me cry every single time.

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Korean Skin Care Products

South Korea Exports Its Glow 

I recently discovered this New York Times’ article about how Korean skin care products are taking the United States by storm. It all started with BB creams in 2011. Since then, Western companies have rolled out their own BB and CC creams.

The article discusses the main differences between the American approach to skin care, which is all about speed. If you can get a product that does 5 things in 1 why not? Whereas the Korean approach is all about targeting different skin problems no matter how many steps and products it takes. Korean skin care products are made even more appealing when using the right packaging and spokesperson.

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It’s A Girl

It’s A Girl deals with the issues of selective abortion and the murder of girls in China and India. Viewers are taken to rural and urban areas where they see the faith faced by many girls.

The documentary opens with the story of an Indian woman who explains how she killed her daughter soon after her birth. Some in India view girls as worthless since they are bond to leave their family once they get married. Plus, when a girl gets married her family needs to pay a dowry – a burden for poor families.

In China, viewers learn about a couple who defied the Once Child Policy by having three children. Since all three children ended up being girls, relatives of the couple encouraged them to get rid of the second and third child. The couple refused, and to escape the authorities in charge of enforcing the One Child Policy, they moved somewhere else. They work in a factory and send money to support their children who were left behind. It’s important to note that the children do not live together as different relatives take care of them.

The documentary is heartbreaking and sometimes infuriating especially when you listen to how some men view women. I do not want to spoil it so I have included the link to the trailer. The documentary is also available on Netflix. Here is also a link to the official website of It’s A Girl! On the website, you have access to additional information and updates on some of the people mentioned in the documentary.

Official Website of It’s A Girl!  

Love for Life (最爱)


Qin Qin (Zhang Ziyi) and De Yi (Aaron Kwok) live in an isolated community not far from their village. Both live with other villagers who have been infected by the fever – an incurable disease. Since there are a lot of uncertainties about the fever and its transmission, the ones infected were isolated in the village and had almost no choice but to move out. In their new community, those suffering of the fever count the days before their death. Qin Qin and De Yi were both rejected by their respective partners once they discovered they were infected. They learn how to lean on each other and slowly their understanding becomes love. Since both are still married, they first commit adultery before being able to marry. Remarriage being frowned upon, especially given their medical condition, the couple faces discrimination. Yet, they are both able to find joy in each other’s company and learn how to enjoy the little time they have left. Continue reading

Brothers by Yu Hua

Brothers by Yu Hua

I read this book while in Beijing this summer. I picked it up in a Sanlitun bookstore looking for something interesting and simple to read. I can say that I haven’t been in love with a book for so long, but this one was @$%@!!*&!!! That sensation when a book is so good that you can’t put it down?! YES!  It’s a must read. Yu Hua’s writing is simple and he has an ability to switch from the funny/satiric to the sad. Since finishing Brothers, I tried some of his other pieces, which I greatly enjoyed too – To Live and China In Ten Words. I tried writing my own review of Brothers but I kept jumping from one topic to another. It was impossible for me to make it concise enough and say all that I wanted to say. This link will take you to a NPR article, which gives a quick review of the book and a translation of the first chapter. Check it out!

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My Love From The Star’s Success In China

My Love From The Star’s Success In China

I stumbled upon this article from The Washington Post today. My attention was immediately drawn to the picture of Kim Soo Hyun and Gianna Jun ~ Apparently Chinese officials are wondering why China is unable to produce shows as successful. The Korean drama featuring our favorite alien has also taken China by storm.

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Whores’ Glory

This documentary takes you to Thailand, Bangladesh, and Mexico. It explores the lives of prostitutes and we get a glimpse of their mindsets as well as their customers’. It is hard to think of prostitution as multi-faceted, but this documentary shows that it’s possible. Some of the sex-workers in Thailand try to enjoy their jobs while others in Bangladesh hate it with a passion. As a woman, I was touched by this documentary and it helped me keep in mind that sex workers are human beings first.

Jiro: Dreams of Sushi

This is a must watch documentary! Not only because of the story of sushi master Jiro Ono, but also because of the cinematography. The documentary is a day in the life of Ono and how he perceives his restaurant and the art of sushi making. We also learn more about Ono’s path to success. Ono had nothing when he started and it’s through constant thoroughness on himself and others around him that he was able to achieve success. Ono’s life goal: striving for perfection.