Year in Review: Minutes Refund

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2017, we took a look back at all those dramas that were somewhat a waste of time. We wish we could unsee these shows and get minutes refund for the time we lost. Unfortunately that is not possible. Instead we are giving you a quick rundown of shows that you too might want to avoid (in our opinion).

Moorim School: Complete 100% Refund


  • Awesome trailer that bumped my expectations, followed by a below average execution. I had thought that is was going to be like a X-men type series, going by the trailer. However, the drama only delivered a weird school where nobody really had any real powers.
  • Choppy and draggy plot where you have romcom/makjang/thriller. What are you trying to be? Each of the actors was acting in their own drama. Soon-Duk was doing some slapstick, Chi-Ang  was featuring in a romcom, and Shi-Woo angsting away.
  • Really bad CGI

Descendants of the Sun: 40% Refund


  • I know, I know, the amount of popularity HAS to mean it is a super awesome drama….but not really in my opinion. Don’t flame me, but I admit it was not all bad. That’s why I’m only asking 40% of my time back. To be honest, the ending two angsty episodes made up for most of the drama. However, the ones listed below are problems that specifically bothered me:
  • Dialogue: I was literally laughing at the cheesy scripted dialogue between Shi Jin and Mo Yeon. How fake can you get? The dialogue was so vapid in my opinion and things that you wouldn’t say without cringing. Seriously.
  • Situations: Actually just one, can Mo Yeon not drive cars anymore. All the ones she does end up at the bottom of cliff. And by the way if you hit the water like that, have fun being paralyzed.
  • Medical: Please don’t get me started. Being a ICU RN, this was the worst. The extremely fake CPR, to the point where it just looked like chest massages. Other medical dramas seem to portray these scenes fine, what happened to some credibility here? Being shot up five billion types, coding (flatlining), and then waking up to say a pick up line. Have fun being intubated for a week. Taking off a cast? I can’t even.
  • Overhyped due to Song Hye Kyo and Song Joon Ki (even though I love you). Plot > popularity.

Goodbye Mr. Black: 75% Refund


  • Your drama poster reminds me of Twilight. Enough said.
  • Great beginning, poor progression. Honestly, the story was set up great. Ex-special forces, betrayed and forsaken by his good friend with an inferiority complex. His quest for revenge was supposed to be the highlight. But it started to meander, in a bad way, towards a makjang melo with tumors and amnesia, and sickness, instead of an intense thriller.
  • Wasting Moon Chae Won’s excellent potential. She had been so plucky and cunning, but her character deflated into a melancholy doormat.
  • Yeah, you can say thank god, GOODBYE Mr. Black

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Year End Special: Growing Pains

Talent from toddler to teens! I’m so used to seeing these actors playing child versions of adults in my favorite dramas. However, these youngins’ are grown up fast and are now leading men and women in their own dramas! Here are 5 of my favorite child actors that have matured into amazing young adults (teens).

Yeo Jin Gu (18yrs) – Uniquely known by his mature deep voice paired to such a young age and face, he started acting back in 2005. He is commonly paired with Kim Yoo Jung as a child actor for saquek dramas. Furthermore, at such a young age, he has played many difficult roles that require heavy angsting and crying. He has become such a master at these broody roles and has progressed to lead roles now as a young adult. Most memorable performances for me are in The Moon Embraces Sun and I Miss You as the childhood version of the adults and Hwayi, the movie, as a lead role.

Dramas: 16 / Movies: 14

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Year End Special: Minutes Refund

Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawaat

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 11.01.40 AM


When I think about the potential of this show and what it ended up being, my eyes get sore and I get a headache. The story started out great: angsty, great character development and a significant amount of scenes between our main leads. But then the director decided to give too much screen time to supporting characters and side drama. That’s when the show started hitting the fan. I didn’t quite understand when the male lead fell in love with the female lead with so little scenes between them [and so much hate between them] and how they MIRACULOUSLY ended up being together at the end. I am even more disappointed because I know both main actors are super talented. I hope next time they reunite for a drama they’ll give a good talk to the director and tell him not to ruin it… Please.

High Society

A drama with good visuals, including great outfits but seriously nothing more. I feel like once in a while DramaLand puts on a pretty drama with gorgeous actors, but little substance. This is one of the best exampleS in my opinion. I could never get into this show no matter how many times I tried. My brain and my heart just wouldn’t cooperate.

~ maniac Ride


Hyde, Jekyll, and Me


Even a drama with star power Hyun Bin, does not make an interesting story. Compared with Kill Me Heal Me which ran at the same time, HJM became a parody. It bounces out three personalities, none of which captures our attention, except to the Candy in the drama. Literally, bubbles and candy lights. It floundered and flopped, and just couldn’t gather into one cohesive plot. Continue reading

Year End Special: Let’s Go to School!

High school/college could have been the times of our lives or the depths of hell. Now that I am finally finished with both, it’s an odd feeling to be reminiscing about those experiences. This year brought a barrage of school related dramas and whole bunch of feels. Just how I like them.

Geography Class: School 2015: Who Are You?

Part of the famous “School” series, “2015” tries out the long lost twin sister game. Separated by just a few towns over, these girls encounter countless obstacles preventing their reconciliation. However, they have one common factor, a villainous bully who can’t wait to wrap her arms around both girls’ necks. This bully who seem to have no morals and that we would love to see her eyes get poked out. Lukily, we get to see an awesome transformation from a once meek twin to one who’s heart seems to be made of ice. Well, revenge is always best served cold…with a warm Sungjae smile on the side! Whispers: and let’s all agree that the writers messed up the ending when the OTP proportions were already on point for 15/16 episodes.

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The Sisterhood Award (x2) !

Hello Picadrama readers! Both dramajjang and dramaforreal have nominated us for the sisterhood award! We are absolutely honored to be amongst such great friends and watchers! Thank you all for you wonderful support and thoughts! Thank you dramajjang and dramaforreal, here are our answers! ❤


1. Which is the first k/j/c drama you watched and how did you end up watching it?

phoenix: Boys Over Flowers was my first Korean drama! I use to be an avid watcher of bishounen anime like Ouran High School Host Club, Special A, etc. However, as I ran out of anime to watch, I heard how BOF was actually an anime at first. However, since the anime was old and I couldn’t find proper subtitles, I decide to take a look at the drama version, which I heard was very popular. And boy, did I get a lovely eyeful of F4. That’s how my drama journey started!

maniac Ride: My Princess! One of my friends told me she was watching this cute and funny show on Netflix. I had just moved on campus and didn’t have much friends at the time. This is how I spent most of my time when I started college 😀 ! The beginning of an addiction… I loved every bits and pieces of it. The story was lacking and there were a lot of nonsense twists, but I wasn’t a drama expert back then :-D.

2. Do you prefer food or sweets? Explain your favourites.

phoenix: I prefer food! There is nothing like sitting down for a proper meal. I really enjoy trying and tasting all sorts of savory cuisines. I like bulgogi, Beijing duck, savory buns, pho!

maniac Ride: I love sweets, especially French pastries. I always crave Napoleons, eclairs, and fruit tarts. Sweet things make me happy and I binge on them whenever I am feeling down.

3. Have you ever found a favourite place/building in a drama or a movie, if you have which place/building is that?

phoenix: I’ve always wanted to visit the river of tears…also known as Han River, where everybody films tragic scenes at! Almost all dramas seem to have a scene there! Whether that be a breakup or a brooding.

maniac Ride: Chiang Mai in Thailand! After watching so many lakorns and seeing the leads taking a trip there, I have always wanted to go there. The beach is gorgeous, and the food looks fresh and tasty as well. Gosh, here we go. I am talking about food again.

4. Which season of the year you prefer and why?

phoenix: I prefer the fall. I enjoy the warm transition into a colder time. The pretty leaves that turn into lovely reds and golds! Less allergies as well!

maniac Ride: I love spring because of the clothes! I am able to wear cute summer dresses, light sweaters, nice sandals, and wear bright lipstick! Also the weather isn’t too cold or hot. Perfect for a nice afternoon out, chatting with friends and enjoying drinks.

5. What characteristics would the perfect lead in your life have?

phoenix: Hmmm, he doesn’t have to be a CEO chaebol…but he does need to be capable, strong (little fight in him?), financially-stable, possessive (I want to be wanted all the time, haha), tall!

maniac Ride: I like men who can dress and who are ambitious. I need a go getter. He doesn’t have to be the sexiest man on earth but being a little fit doesn’t hurt ~ Also he has to be crazy for me.

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Fan-made Parody Videos Better Than the Original!

Recently, I have seen these videos circulating amongst the Hyde, Jekyll, and Me as well as Kill Me Heal Me fanbases! They are fan-made parodies of Jeon Ji Hyun’s CF for lipstick redone by Ji Sung or AKA YoNa. And we also have 50 Shades of Grey, Seo Jin style with HaNa. They are really well made and hey, I would definitely buy those products and watch that movie !

Capture That Moment (Part. Final)

The last of the moments forever impressioned on my mind! Let me know some of yours!

Innocent Man (Episode 9)- “Point of No Return”

Yes, I too was fascinated with the tunnel scene where our two extremely dysfunction individuals decide it’s better to die/suicide/murder?/doublesuicide. Coming from a harsh breakup where Maru basically tells Eun-Ki that he had never loved her and that it was all for show to win back Jae Hee (her hated stepmother who pushed her real mother out of the household). However, we don’t know if he is just manipulating her feelings, but we are quite sure he wants her to stay away from him and his not so nice deeds. Meanwhile, Eun-Ki receives a message that her father is now dead (courtesy of Jae Hee + Lawyer). Our two crazies happen to be driving in the same tunnel and see each other. They drive headlong into each other, not caring about their lives. We end with an amnesiac Eun-Ki who lost most her cognitive ability to be nursed back to health by Maru who refuses to get surgery for that huge bleed in his brain.


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Capture That Moment (Part. 2)


So I realize that I like my men angsty and in need of catharsis. Just putting it out there….

Not that I don’t like them full of joy, but I guess the angsty scenes just hit me harder, I suppose.

And wow, I never realized how much time it takes me to refind all these scenes!

Autumn’s Concerto (Episode 23) – “All The Lies”

The moment that comes where all truth is revealed and Mu Chen must come clean to GuangXi as he remembers everything of his past previous to his brain operation. Having fallen deeply in love with GuangXi, painfully leaving him so that he can receive the best brain surgery, having his child, and then pretending not to know him has taken a huge toll on GuangXi’s psyche. He is so furious and in so much pain because he can’t trust his memories, his past, and now his future. He left his fiance who he was going to marry before, needing to hash out his past. He had almost rekindled their love even with his memories not intact, feeling the familiarity.He doesn’t know that Mu Chen loves him still desperately, and believes everyone was watching him as a fool. He believes that she left him because of his surgery and that she loves Tao Ye. The point that really hit him hard was that Mu Chen had his son call him uncle even though he was his father. He vows to get his son’s custody and to cause Mu Chen the utmost misery. He can’t forgive Mu Chen for deceiving him so heavily. Although this scene is obviously the highlight of the drama, it gives me a sense of catharsis as everything comes clean so that the relationship can rebuild. Even though it seems like they will never heal, sometimes it takes an ugly break to grow back even stronger.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.40.10 PM


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Capture that Moment (Part. 1)

Why are we so addicted to watching dramas? I’m sure everyone has a reason of their own. Whether that be their favorite oppa is on screen or hey that plotline sounds interesting! We all on some level connect with the characters we are watching or enjoy some of the emotions they wring from us. There are some scenes from shows that really stick with us, the ones that make your heart ache or so amazingly courageous. They might not always be the climax moment, but rather that small snapshot.

Here are some of my (phoenix) favorite moments that remind me why I love dramas so much:

Healer (Episode 16) : “Come Back”

When Chae Young Shin finds out that her father may have been killed by Healer’s father. Yet, instead of them both being noble idiots, she urges him to find the evidence that his father didn’t do it and come back to her. She even says that if he doesn’t find the evidence, still come back to her. They aren’t going to let the past tragedies dictate their future happiness.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.41.59 PM

Heal Me Kill Me (Episode 7): “I am Cha Do Hyun”

The rooftop attempted suicide scene really pulled at my heart strings. Do Hyun, a man suffering from DID, almost dies as his suicidal alter decides to jump from a building in order to stop their loneliness. To a man who can’t even tell his family about his mental disorder and society who looks down upon such things, he is increasingly lonely as he wars with himself every single day. He never knows when his alters will pop up and what they will do, always leaving his main personality to clean up the consequences. However, Ri Jin, cares enough to call Do Hyun back from his trapped mind. She cares about healing Do Hyun, and not treating him like a monster. He has never known such comfort and the pain in his eyes really pierces through me.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.51.15 PM


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