Ugly Duckling Perfect Match Episode 3

Wow wow seems like Seua and Ning relationship is more complicated than expected. Poor Joo for being caught in the middle.

Ning’s parents are against her relationship with Seua because of his poor background and him being an orphan. Seua was raised by monks  that’s why he has several small jobs to pay for all his school expenses. Ning is also dating another guy 😲! Two timing much. The other guy is more suitable in her parents’ eyes as he has studied abroad and his parents are family friends.

Joo finds out about the relationship between Ning and the other dude while eating at the mall with Aunt Aoi. She tries to hide herself, fearing the uncomfortable situation. Later Ning asks her to keep it a secret from Seua as he would make a scene. Seriously who wouldn’t? Unless you don’t care about your significant other.

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Ugly Duckling Perfect Match Episode 2

“Just love may not be enough to save the relationship”

Since Joo’s face is revealed, she faces mockery then support from her crew – roommates, including Nungning, Bee and Seua.

Seua speaks out for Joo and dares anyone to make fun of her face: Are the people making fun of Joo so confident about their looks? He even forces the meanies to apologize.

It’s a revelation for Joo. She is now free and realizes who are truly cares about her. She also goes to see Dr. Sakda who gives her hope. Things might stay like this for a year but her face will definitely get better. The bacteria has already stopped spreading. Yayyy, good news for Joo.

For Joo, being on campus is also about stepping out of her comfort zone. Bye bye to the princess life. Through her courses and interaction with others, she realizes that she is not the center of the world.

That moment your teacher calls you out for being selfish

That moment your teacher calls you out for being selfish

Not everyone is as rich and good things are not always costly. Also beauty can be found in the simple things of life, especially when you have your close ones to share experiences. With Bee, she gets to ride a motorcycle for the first, go to the market and bargain over a salad. OMG can we have a lakorn with Bee as the main character :-D?  He’s simply the bomb. 

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Ugly Duckling: Perfect Match Episode 1

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A cute lakorn that stole my heart!

I will be making those reviews/recaps really short.

Junior is a cute, rich and popular 18-year old. She basically has it all: nice family, rich boyfriend and a close group of friend. At least that’s what she thinks.

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This dreamy life all goes down the drain when Junior takes comments on her ig pictures way too seriously. Ahhh when social media starts to ruin your life. I think all of us have at least one bad experience – hurtful comments, demeaning posts, unflattering pictures, etc. Comments on her ig mainly criticize Junior’s face, which apparently is too chubby. Is this a joke? Do people even know what’s a chubby face? Also who says that having a chubby face is unflattering…? GIVE ME AN ANSWER~

Junior goes to get a thread lift to make her face smaller. I didn’t even know that was a thing -__- The only problem is that the surgery creates an allergic reaction. Junior is now left with several pimples and scars on her face. The makeup artist did an amazing job at making those so realistic. Much respect.

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