Love for Life (最爱)


Qin Qin (Zhang Ziyi) and De Yi (Aaron Kwok) live in an isolated community not far from their village. Both live with other villagers who have been infected by the fever – an incurable disease. Since there are a lot of uncertainties about the fever and its transmission, the ones infected were isolated in the village and had almost no choice but to move out. In their new community, those suffering of the fever count the days before their death. Qin Qin and De Yi were both rejected by their respective partners once they discovered they were infected. They learn how to lean on each other and slowly their understanding becomes love. Since both are still married, they first commit adultery before being able to marry. Remarriage being frowned upon, especially given their medical condition, the couple faces discrimination. Yet, they are both able to find joy in each other’s company and learn how to enjoy the little time they have left. Continue reading