Mask(가면): Two Faced


I love me some melodrama full of angstyness, extramarital births, makjang, and dysfunctional relationships. Though Mask fits true to formula complete with young traumatized Min Woo who suffers from some type of mental illness as usual and Candy Ji Sook who is busy earning money as a department store attendant to pay off family’s massive debts. Not again, you say? I beg to differ.

While the plot line may be old and used, Min Woo and Ji-Sook really breathe life into what would have been a boring drama. Min Woo seems to almost have dissociative disorder or some kind of uncontrollable rage since he is out of control when his emotions run high and can’t remember his actions later. Furthermore, he often has not only visual, but also auditory hallucinations as well, unable to differentiate reality from his imagination. He suffered a past trauma where his mother drowned as they tried to run away, probably some type of family drama due to him being the product of a extramarital affair.

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