Dr. Frost (닥터 프로스트): Episode 1


Baek Nam Bong, also known as Dr. Frost is a psychology professor who works as a bartender at night. Dr. Frost’s IQ is high, which makes of him a genius that resolves tricky psychological cases. One thing that he lacks is emotions. He is unable to feel empathy for his patients and analyzes everything in a cold way.

The drama quickly shows us a glimpse of Dr. Frost’ skills. Working at the bar, Dr. Frost analyzes the body language of three customers. His co-workers assume that the woman is having an affair and that’s why she is stressed when facing the two men she is meeting. Dr. Frost refutes their assumptions.The woman picked the wrong man. Given that the woman is awkwardly standing with her feet pointing to the exit indicates that she wants to avoid this situation. The two men are standing their belly buttons facing each other which means they are attracted to each other. Dr. Frost concludes that the two men are a couple. The woman is the victim of their affair.

Dr. Frost is asked by his mentor Chun Sang Won to work at the counseling department of a campus’ university. Rumors quickly spread on campus about Dr. Frost. Students are thrilled by the arrival of this mysterious and talented psychologist. Yet, someone is not so happy to learn about Dr. Frost: Dr. Song.

How can Professor Chun hire Dr. Frost? Did he forget that Dr. Frost is a murderer? Someone who feels no sympathy for his patients should not offer counseling services.

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