Samee (สามี) Episodes 11 and 12

Linda and Prasit kill Jao Sua with the help of Wasin and Sih. Sih “accidentally” drops the pills of Jao Sua and Ying Ai and Roong head to the hospital to get new ones. At the hospital, Wasin harasses Ying Ai causing her to drop the bottles of new pills, Linda then sneaks and exchange the pills. Wee also happens to be there with his sister.

Later when Ying Ai feeds Jao Sua, he has a seizure and dies. Touching how each member of the family has flashbacks of Jao Sua – remembering all the sweet moments they spent together.

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Samee (สามี ) Episodes 6 to 10

Roong gets rid of Ying Ai’s ex boyfriend Wasin, who finally realizes that Roong was doing her best to keep him apart from Ying Ai. Hahaha I love how Roong tells him: “You did great. My family is very happy.”Wasin doesn’t take it like a gentleman and keeps harassing her. Wee sees that and follows her. He is able to save her on time when Wasin abducts her. Wasin’s face takes some serious punches. After this incident, Wee and Roong get closer and start sharing their feelings and thoughts. Unfortunately Surisong quickly finds out about the relationship between the two.

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Samee (สามี) Episodes 1 to 5

Samee 2013

Starring: Grate Warintorn as Rarp and Preem Ranida as Ying Ai/Rasika

Note: This is a remake of Samee (2000)

Rarp is the rich heir of a family of Chinese descent. For a long time now, he had feelings for Ying Ai, a hi-so, who works in a design firm. He gets to know her more when his father Jao Sua (Dilok Thong Wattana) marries Khun Ying’s mother (Jariya Anfone).

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The parents are so cute!

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Raeng Pradtanah (แรงปรารถนา)


Original Title: แรงปรารถนา

Episodes: 15

Year: 2013

Country: Thailand

Channel: Channel 3

Theme: Revenge, romance, drama

Pittaya (Nadech Kugimiya) was adopted by Khun Nop (Kriengkrai Oonhanun), after his mother passed away. He grew up along with Khun Nop’s three other children and was given the same care and love as them. His childhood was especially marked by his close relationship with Thae (Kimberly Ann Voltemas), the youngest of Khun Nop’s children.

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But now that they are older, things have completely changed and both of them can’t stand each other anymore. The headstrong and sassy Thae continuously does her best to ruin Pitt’s love life and career, but Thae’s childish ways toward Pitt are only ways to demand his attention. After Pitt started dating Rawee (Mint Natwara Wongwasana), Thae felt neglected and didn’t clearly understand what she had done wrong. Things get further complicated when Khun Nop announces his desire to have Pitt and Thae get married and that despite Pitt already being with Rawee.

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Always arguing

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Always crying (God please make every woman a pretty crier… ^_^)

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