My Amazing Boyfriend: Love From the Crypt


My Love From Another Star, Chinese version? Kind of? Taking a similar approach to the popular Korean drama, My Amazing Boyfriend also has a 500year old guy who looks like he is in his early 20s. Add in one overly dramatic, clumsy, gorgeous actress, and there you have it! More like X-Men mutant, Xue Ling Chao, is a man who through treatment of a animal bite in the dynasty era, becomes unable to grow old because his cells reproduce at such a fast rate. However, he has been asleep for centuries due to a villain who drained all his blood which was the only way to suppress him. One day, after her wedding proposal to her cop boyfriend was rejected soundly, actress Tian Jing Zhi gets into a freak car accident. In the other car was Chao, whose crypt was being transported to a medical facility for research. His crypt busted open and his blood spilled all over Zhi’s broken body as she had flown out of her car. Due to the healing properties in his blood, it healed Zhi’s body to the point where it was even better than before. Chao was also awoken as the drain set up was broken. He decided to save Zhi’s life by infusing more of his blood into her. This creates a deep bond between the two as their hearts pound together and heavier with certain emotions that they feel. In order to protect their secret and for him to find the villain (who seems to be alive as well), they decided to live together. At first, Zhi does not like Chao at all, thinking that he is a monster that she must tolerate. However, slowly they start to care for each other and help each other out.

As you can see, a very similar plot line to My Love From Another Star, to the point where the actors even look like Kim Soo Hyun and Chun Song Yi. However, My Amazing Boyfriend has more of a medical aspect to it and less love triangles. The actress, Janice Wu, played the adorable young version of the female lead in My Sunshine. Here, she takes a more grown up, yet still childlike role of playing an immature, bad-tempered and dramatic actress. While she seems to overact a little bit, it does seem like it is the role’s character personality that she wants to portray. It does not come off annoying, thankfully. Meanwhile, Chao is played by Kim Tae Hwan, who I did not know was a Korean actor before looking him up for this review! I am not really a fan of his acting, perhaps because it is his first role and he does not have any experience yet. A little too wooden for my taste. I really wonder how it is for both actors to act together with a language barrier. It must be difficult on both fronts to get the right expressions and feelings in my opinion. I guess in this situation, the dubbing helps put in needed tone inflections to make the drama seem more natural.