Twenty Years Old Episode 4 Recap


Episode Four starts with a flashback of Hye Rim ignoring Ki Kwang because of the first kiss incident. Reluctantly, current Hye Rim has to go to school if she doesn’t want to fail. On the bus, we see hopeless drunk sunbae realizing that Hye Rim’s boyfriend was B2ST’s Ki Kwang, someone he can’t compare with. At school, she is stared at and talked about after the scandal articles spread like fire. Soon she is even chased by those hardcore fangirls through the streets! Although she escapes onto a bus, she is even whispered at on there.

4.3 4.4

Depressed, she sits at home, having no confidence to face this netizen fueled backlash. Brokenly, Ki Kwang bangs on her door, wanting her to open up. He says he is sorry several times and cries as he call her, but she won’t pick up at all. Unfortunately, they separate.

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Twenty Years Old Episode 3 Recap


Episode three starts off with a background of idol singer Ki Kwang, affectionately named Lee Ki by Hye Rim. Though on TV he says his ideal girl is Suzy, in reality he had been dating Hye Rim for at least a month. While performing on stage, he shoots a “love arrow” for his girlfriend to watch at home. He then texts her and asks her if she received his heart. She teases him that she missed it, but in reality she loved the cheesy romantic gesture. She then opens her locked album and browses through the adorable photos of their couple dates.

3.1 3.2

Next we see them on a date at the theater. However because he is an idol and doesn’t want to be followed, Ki Kwang had to come in after the movie started and leave before it ended. Hye Rim finds it lonely sometimes, but thus are the woes of dating an idol! Later he makes it up to her in the car by cutely giving her a pair of shoes that she had admired when they were young. He jokingly teases her that now she will run away (Korean saying that giving shoes as a present will make the receiver leave).

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Twenty Years Old Episode 2 Recap


This episode starts out with the same group of people in a bar again, very much drunk. Hye Rim reminisces about how seems to black out each time she consumes large amounts of alcohol, but unfortunately remembers it all later. Suddenly we fast forward to where she is on the couch with Ki Kwang leaning over her and just about to kiss her it looks like! But she is confused to how she got there. We then rewind that life tape back to when she is getting her hair perm-ed.

2.1 2.2

While getting her hair done, Ki Kwang starts sending her multiple messages. He wonders what she is doing, where she is, like they are super close friends…or like he is her boyfriend?  As she checks her KaoTalk more, she accidentally presses the call button after stalking her previous crush’s photo. She finds that he is dating another girl named Mi Jin and wants to keep what happened the other day secret.

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Twenty Years Old Episode 1 Recap


Drama: Twenty Years Old / 스무살 / Seumoosal

Starring: Lee Da In & Lee Ki Kwang (B2ST)


Twenty Years Old is a cute and short drama that feels more like a live adaption of a fanfiction.

In episode one, the main girl, Hye Rim is getting ready for a party amongst her classmates. However, she is very much unused to dressing up and stumbles over putting on mascara or even walking in high heels. Having finally arrived at the gathering, she is then pressured into drinking large amounts of alcohol by her sunbae.

1.2 1.1

Soon the object of her affections, Kim Tae Woo walks in and she notices happily that he sits by her. A bit of cute flirtation occurs and she happily fangirls over it in the bathroom even though it was cheesy. He then asks her to take a walk outside. While walking, Hye Rim fantisizes about herself as a princess and him as her prince. However, this illusion shatters as he leads her to a motel room in the lieu of letting her rest! He puts the moves on her and she runs out! She ends up walking sadly back in the rain and even gets blisters on her feet. Like in a true kdrama, she sits down by the road and sobs her heart out.

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