Year End Special: Minutes Refund

Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawaat

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When I think about the potential of this show and what it ended up being, my eyes get sore and I get a headache. The story started out great: angsty, great character development and a significant amount of scenes between our main leads. But then the director decided to give too much screen time to supporting characters and side drama. That’s when the show started hitting the fan. I didn’t quite understand when the male lead fell in love with the female lead with so little scenes between them [and so much hate between them] and how they MIRACULOUSLY ended up being together at the end. I am even more disappointed because I know both main actors are super talented. I hope next time they reunite for a drama they’ll give a good talk to the director and tell him not to ruin it… Please.

High Society

A drama with good visuals, including great outfits but seriously nothing more. I feel like once in a while DramaLand puts on a pretty drama with gorgeous actors, but little substance. This is one of the best exampleS in my opinion. I could never get into this show no matter how many times I tried. My brain and my heart just wouldn’t cooperate.

~ maniac Ride


Hyde, Jekyll, and Me


Even a drama with star power Hyun Bin, does not make an interesting story. Compared with Kill Me Heal Me which ran at the same time, HJM became a parody. It bounces out three personalities, none of which captures our attention, except to the Candy in the drama. Literally, bubbles and candy lights. It floundered and flopped, and just couldn’t gather into one cohesive plot. Continue reading



So I decided to take a quick peek at Blood, like watched 3/4 of Episode 1 and skimmed episode 2. That is all I could stomach so far. Coming from the same writer, Park Jae-Bum, who wrote the fantastic Good Doctor drama….I can’t believe he wrote this tripe. I didn’t know if I was watching a continuation of the Twilight series, Korean style, in episode 1. Really, we got giant werewolves, some Volturi-looking vamps in hoods, some forest running, teenage angst, pure-bred blood lines all smooshed into one Twilight summary episode. Then we suddenly change the channel to Doctor Stranger, the sequel, but without the decent actors and dumbed down. In strolls, Ji-Sang, genius noble vampire doctor who wants to save lives, but must control his bloodlust. He also likes to push out bullets form his body like Wolverine from X-Men. He meets Ri-Ta, heiress doctor to the hospital (chaebol doctor?), who seems quite arrogant and develops a rivalry to Ji-Sang. But this will turn into an immortal luuuurve to transcend all epic romances, obviously. Then we have Jae-wook who is the chief surgeon …and also the resident baddie vampire who killed Ji-Sang’s parents and is also searching for pureblood Ji-Sang? Like I said….Twilight part. 50. While I’m not finding Jae-Hyeon too atrocious to watch, its clear to me he is NOT leading man material yet. I would say he jumped a little too far after My Love From Another Star. And can we do a little less blood spraying and a little more goggle-mask wearing during surgery? Let’s please make things a little more realistic and have less chance of eye infections for our doctors, yeah? And for the love of God, Gu Hye-Sun, you are just as bad as I remembered from BOF, if not worse. I am so disappointed after hearing you had improved a lot in Angel Eyes. This is you taking 5 steps back. No, actually, there is something new besides your too frozen face, literally why are only your lips are moving? And please put back those eyes in your eye sockets! You also seemed to have developed a weird head tilt. You must have a cramp after filming each episode! Even my neck hurts from watching yours!

PS. This is one of the harshest reviews I’ve written, so I have prepared water for flames!