Moon River – BOF Flows Again! / 明若曉溪


BWAHAHAHAHA. This is pure crack and I am so addicted. I came into this Taiwanese drama with the lowest of low expectations. From the previews and the first 20 minutes, this was Boys Over Flowers 2015, minus one flower boy (the gangster one?). You would think that after the Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese versions, I would be sick of another similar adaption. While the show does give you Hana Yori Dango feels, it has its own spin. I daresay, I enjoyed it better than Meteor Garden and Meteor Shower. SO if it is another BOF, give it to me anyways. Why? Because Xiao Xi, the main female lead is what I had wanted all the female leads in the other adaptions to be. While Xiao Xi is your typical quirky, innocent Candy….there is one thing she has above all others. She is a Kung Fu Master. HAHAHAHA. So amp up that kickass beatdown on those bullies! Coming from a really traditional village, she is a fish out of the water on a scholarship at the elite school for the rich.

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