Love’s Band Aid (愛的創可)

Our Love

Also called: Our Love

Original Title: 愛的創可

Episodes: 36

Year: 2013

Country: China

Channel: Jiangsu TV

Theme: Romance, comedy

Our Love is an optimistic and uplifting Chinese healing drama.  Zhong Ke Ke (Chen Yan Fei)  and her brother Zhong Yi Fan (Wei Xian Qiang) come from a modest, but loving family whereas Tang Shao Lei (Bryant Cheng) and his sister Tang  Shao Yin (Joanne Zheng) come from a filthy rich but broken family. The Tang parents are separated and the mother hates her husband because she felt neglected throughout all those years they spent together. When the Tang first got married, the father had to break his relationship with Ke Ke and Yi Fan‘s mother. You can imagine how Mama Tang will feel when she discovers the feelings between Shao Lei and Ke Ke. Shao Lei’s sister also left home almost ten years ago and no one has heard from her since then.

Coming from such a background and having experienced the heartbreaks of love himself after his girlfriend left him eight years ago,  Shao Lei is sceptic when it comes to love. Everything revolves around money and their family business Ding Heng Corporation. To the extent that Shao Lei enters a business alliance via an engagement with Xu Ying (Yang Rong), a daughter from a prominent family. Xu Ying, who is obsessed (but really though: she ‘s crazyyy!!!), unsuccessfully uses every trick in the book to make Shao Lei fall in love with her.  Things change when Shao Lei meets Ke Ke, who is a creative designer in Shanghai. When they first meet, Shao Lei is waiting in front of her apartment building – the same where his ex-girlfriend Ruo Jie (Yang Kai Lin) used to live. Ke Ke accidentally spills water on him, hits him with a flower pot, and then rescue him from a fight – so much for a first encounter! To after have him stole her motorcycle from her!

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