Last: The Last One Standing


Cable channels just give me a unique selection of dramas these days that mainstream can’t compete with. JTBC has just released Last on what I feel like as the down-low, even though fairly famous actors, Yoon Kye Sung and Lee Beom Soo are headlining it. In Last, we have a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” kind of story. Yoon Kye Sung plays Tae-Ho, a skilled go-getter stocks trader who is not afraid to use insider information to manipulate trends. However, his wolf on Wall Street attitude and arrogance unfortunately makes him lose 35 billion won in one feel swoop. Of course the money he was playing with came from a loan shark who did not hesitate to make the hit on him and his buddy. Although he gets dumped in the sea and almost drowns inside the locked car, Tae Ho’s pride will not allow him to die this way. He manages to escape, but loses his good friend. Now, without money and friends, he roams the streets as a homeless person. However, his pride will not allow him to beg in the streets or even take a free meal at the homeless shelter. He vows to gain everything back that he had lost. To do this, he manages to take out one of the 7 Seoul Bosses who run a homeless money laundering operation. The operation takes the money that the homeless makes through different means and funnels it up to the top boss who actually makes more than 10billion this way. Tae-Ho takes out the lowest ranking boss and aims to work his way to the top. However, he doesn’t know that the money he had lost through stocks had been part of the top boss’s money. He convinces boss number two to help him and teach him how to fight. Tae Ho is a quick learner, but he crunches numbers and not people.

While I had never been an avid fan of Yoon Kye Sung, I am definitely won over by his portrayal in this show. I had always remembered him as a kind ahjussi from The Greatest Love who does that Daddy Long Legs roles. However, I am loving this arrogant, but hard working attitude he shows here. You can feel his passion and ambition. I am definitely looking forward to him taking out each level of boss and finally going head to head with the top boss. The story is not your run of the mill fight or crime drama. There is heart and humor as well. We see an interesting aspect of a world that many of us don’t usually take into consideration. It shows a fairly structured homeless population infrastructure that actually generates more money than you would expect. What an interesting concept! I started this drama on a whimsy, but will definitely follow it closely!