Campus Confidential

So having just finished Campus Confidential, a recent Taiwanese movie, I realize that this zany piece was and wasn’t what I had been expecting. What I had expected was a cute little movie about how the prettiest girl on campus realized that the perfect match for her was actually in the form of a sweet ultra-geek. Without being too spoiler-y, I did get that, but with a sharp twist near the end. The story starts out with Kiki (played by Ivy Chen) fluttering about campus, half journalist student and half model, the flower in everyone’s eyes. To add the cream upon her dreamy life, she is dating a tall basketball playing medical student. Seems like the perfect life and couple, right? Due to an accident, she becomes involved in a campus legend where if two people meet each other on the day that the lake on campus dries up, they will fall in love and be together forever. Of course, who does she land in the mud with? Lucky Wu (played by Bolin Chen), the other half of this odd couple. Kiki, who had despises nerds, tries her hardest to research this legend and tries to find a way to break it. Kiki drags along Lucky Wu on this grand adventure and meanwhile falls in love with him on the way. She wasn’t the only one. What should have been the cutesy ending to the movie then did not come. For a second I was like, WHAAA?! But don’t worry, the movie is like a Warhead candy, sweet, sharp tang of sourness, but ultimately sweet again at the end.