Go Princess Go: The Other Genderbender


A parody, but also not really. We always see dramas genderbending girls into acting like boys, but not often do we see the other way around. This time, like BuBuJinXin, we have a time traveler who ends up in the era of Chinese dynasties. However, this time, it is a guy who becomes a woman! After suffering an accidental drowning in the pool, Zhang Peng becomes Royal Crown Princess Zhang Peng Peng as he is thrown back several hundred years. He ends up in the body of a very beautiful woman, but still has the mind of his past life as a player whose only goal in life is to eat good food and fool around with beautiful women. At first, he tries to kill himself again in order to go back to the future. However, he ends up lusting after all the beautiful women he encounters in the palace, including his own maid and the crown prince’s concubines. It becomes hilarious since he is still in a women’s body and they are oblivious to his advances. However, she soon becomes sand-whiched between the Crown Prince Qi Sheng that she is married to and his brother, 9th Prince. In the beginning, Qi Sheng had no romantic feeling for his wife, Peng Peng, and was having an affair with another brother’s wife. The past Peng Peng just became embittered and jealous as time went on. However, after Zhang Peng took over, she gave Peng Peng an entire personality change. She was empathetic to the plight of the men and didn’t even mind all the affairs and concubines as she was too busy enjoying herself with all the beauties. At one point, Qi Sheng tried to assassinate Peng Peng when he thought he was unable to control her and thought she was a danger to him. This pushed her into forming an alliance with 9th prince and his friend. She wanted revenge on Qi Sheng and to grab hold of power for 9th prince or even stabilize her own position in the palace. However, as time wore on, Qi Sheng become more and more interested in the new Peng Peng and even fell in love with her. Their intense emotions for each other vacillated daily.  She became more and more entrenched in palace affairs and eventually even bore Qi Sheng a child. However, this vicious cycle of them lying to each other eventually came to a head as they constantly tested each other on their feelings. Peng Peng also became feminized as she fell in love with Qi Sheng.

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Mu Gui Ying Gua Shuai: A Different Kind of Power


An oldie, but a goodie. In the same of vein as Mulan, Mu Gui Ying Gua Shuai tells the story of young girl who has the smarts, beauty, and physical prowess as much as or even more than any guy during her time. Born the daughter of a rich bandit, she has lived her life to the fullest doing as she pleased, but also gaining skills that surpassed most men. When her father tried to marry her off, she proposed that she will marry any suitor that can best her in martial arts. Of course, no man in town could even match her level until she managed to offend the heir of a family of generals. It then becomes a vicious cycle of Gui Ying provoking the heir, Zhang Bao, while he tries to take a valuable wood sculpture from her. They are well-matched in martial art’s prowess, but Gui Ying exceeds him in intelligence and craftiness. As they duel back and forth, they slowly fall for each other. At first, Zhang Bao hates her for besting him at each encounter, but slowly he becomes enamored and impressed by her. The line is thin between love and hate. Even though his family opposed the relationship, he can’t help but go to her and she has similar intense emotions for him. Eventually, they end up marrying each other, but end up encountering just as many obstacles against them even after their marriage. She had to endure many competitions against family or friends just to prove that she was good enough to be part of the famous Zhang family. However, it seemed like Gui Ying had a way to solve each one of their problems and continued to impress all her family and friends. She even became involved in the royal palace after placating the Royal Princess who had been pursing Zhang Bao before he married Gui Ying. Eventually, she even managed to lead the royal army in defending the Emperor’s territory from the Khitan nomads.

Mu Gui Ying is actually a legendary and real figure in Chinese history. She was famous for being a woman beyond her times and playing a big part in defending her country. While I haven’t seen the lead actress, Miao Pu, in any other drama before, I am very impressed with her acting. She was very natural and endearing. Her martial arts choreography was also on point. She also had such an addicting laugh paired with her country accent. As for Zhang Bao, played by Jin Luo, I really enjoyed his acting of intense emotions. He played the angsty role brilliantly and had a great comedic side to him as well. However, unlike traditional dramas now, the supporting characters of the drama did not have as big of a role as I would have expected. They felt more like add-ons and I would have liked to see more of their story and interactions with the main leads. Furthermore, as this drama is more obscure, to the point where it doesn’t even have a wiki page, it is not subtitled at all. So watchers beware, with the accents and royal speak, it was a struggle even for me at times. However, it is an amazing drama that really spoke to me as it featured a strong female lead which I love. Hopefully it will be subbed one day and more people can enjoy this drama!

Legend of Lu Zhen: Let Us Be Equal


Since I like my drama heroines to be strong-willed and smart, I decided to check out Legend of Lu Zhen. This drama tells the journey of the first female prime minister of China. Lu Zhen, played by Zhanilia Zhao of Shan Shan Comes to eat, comes from a wealthy merchant family. However, her birth is of mysterious circumstances and she is heavily bullied by her stepmother who wants the family fortune. Luckily, her stepsister stands on her side and tries to help her out of difficult circumstances often.

Lu Zhen has a modern woman mentality where she doesn’t just want to be married, but prefers to pursue a career and she has the smart to accomplish that. However, due to her stepmother’s evil trap, she is accused of murdering her own father whom she loves deeply. While is able to escape being sold off as a concubine to an elderly neighbor, she accidents kills a man who tries to sexually assault her. She had asked the man to help her make a fake birth status certification, but the confrontation had turned ugly. Lu Zhen decides that she wants to enter the palace to avoid being arrested by the police, but was unable to stay there due to her fake certification being exposed.

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Singing All Along: Rebel Chants


Another period drama for me to marathon! The one thing that Mainland dramas does well is traditional epics. With birth secrets, warring factions, and angsty romance, it is enough to keep me watching 5 episodes at a time. Singing All Along tells the story of LiHua, daughter of royalty whose parents were killed during an overthrow of a dynasty. However, due to the trauma of watching her parents die, she does not remember her past. She ends up growing up happily in the rich Yin family. LiHua is of strong mind and body. Even though she is female, she enjoys martial arts and is well versed in the ancient teachings, including military warfare. She hates being cooped up in her family home and even cross-dresses as a boy in order to attend school. Meanwhile, LiuXiu is also descendant of royalty whose ancestors were part of the proud Han Dynasty. However, because their family was overthrown by the Mang dynasty, they were made commoners and stripped of their wealth. LiuXiu, as children who had went to the same school as LiHua had not only fallen in love with her, but also had taken care of her during her traumatic past. These two friends were separated for many years due to LiuXiu’s elder brother not wanting her to remember her tragic past. However, LiuXiu always had LiHua in his heart and yearned to ask for her hand in marriage one day despite his poor current circumstances. Things come to a head when LiuXiu’s brother decides to plan a revolt against the Mang dynasty. While LiuXiu is hesitant at first at such a rash action, he is soon convinced this is the right way to go as the current dynasty is bringing about chaos and hunger for the commoners. LiHua, who is starting to remember snippets of her past due to a kidnapping incident where LiuXiu saved her, decides to join forces with the Liu family. She also believes the current emperor is corrupt and wants to help overthrow it. Her ambition pushes her to cross-dress as a man in order to join the growing revolt army. LiuXiu admires her tenacity and intelligence which leads him to want to keep her by his side even though it is risky if she is found out to be a female or the dangers of battle. LiHua not only proves herself to be an able soldier, but a smart tactician as well.

I absolutely love strong female leads, especially those who can participate in battle alongside of their life partners. This is my first time watching Ruby Lin, and she gives off an air of the roles Liu Shi Shi used to play for her Tong Hua dramas. Ruby is not only the producer, but also one of the main leads. She plays strong-willed, playful, and angsty all very well. As for Yuan Hong, I’ve always liked him since he played 13th prince in Scarlet Heart. He plays a gentle scholar who gradually becomes war-hardened. His eyes are so expressive! I really enjoy the chemistry they have together. The side romances are also quite moving, especially the early one between LiHua’s eldest brother and her cousin-in-law. Singing All Along is beautifully filmed and the characters are given appropriate depth.

Precious Youth: Youth Lost

Cnews15 15.jpg

I love anything with Liu Shi Shi in it! Furthermore, it is refreshing to see her in a non-period role and in modern garb for once. Precious Youth tells the love story of Liu Ting and Xiao Jun, two young adults who fell in love during high school. Liu Shi Shi plays Liu Ting, an academically driven and the good pure daughter of a teacher at the school. Meanwhile, Xiao Jun is the troublemaker and “gangster” of the school who always gets into trouble because he is too mischievous. One day, after literally falling head over heels for her while getting into detention, he decides to pursue her. Liu Ting found Xiao Jun very fun and a large contrast to her “goody two-shoes” type of lifestyle. However, as a beauty at the school, Liu Ting also attracted other suitors. She also becomes the love interest of Hai Bing, whose father was the boss of Liu Ting’s father. In order to network, her mom pushed her to tutor Hai Bing, who was also a “gangster” type and “brothers” with Xiao Jun. It is because of this fight over one girl that broke the deep brotherhood between Hai Bing and Xiao Jun. Unfortunately, things come to a head as families disagree and Xiao Jun broke up with Liu Ting. Liu Ting was devastated and you could tell Xiao Jun just wanted her to have a better future. On the second female lead front you have Xiao Lu, ex-best friend of Liu Ting who was in love with Xiao Jun as well and pursued him to the ends of the earth. As they all grow up, Xiao Lu and Liu Ting enter an arts school. Xiao Jun does not go to college and decides to do the dirty work of society and tries to make connections to start up his own company. Hai Bing attends college so that he can better match up to Liu Ting. Even in college, Liu Ting is still attracting many suitors, but deep in her heart, she is still in love with Xiao Jun.

Giving hints of the Korean reply series, Precious Youth feels like a slice of life drama. I find the chemistry between Liu Ting and Xiao Jun palpable, but with Xiao Jun’s nasty attitude, I’m finding it harder and harder to root for this couple. Meanwhile, I admire Liu Ting’s persistency and consistency of her love to Xiao Jun. She does not care about their class differences. However, I’m not sure if this is naiveté on her front. I am interested in seeing how these relationships untangle as their are love triangles and squares everywhere! Plus, what a lovely way to see Zheng Kai act, as I’ve previously watched him only on the Hurry Up Brother variety show.


My Amazing Boyfriend: Love From the Crypt


My Love From Another Star, Chinese version? Kind of? Taking a similar approach to the popular Korean drama, My Amazing Boyfriend also has a 500year old guy who looks like he is in his early 20s. Add in one overly dramatic, clumsy, gorgeous actress, and there you have it! More like X-Men mutant, Xue Ling Chao, is a man who through treatment of a animal bite in the dynasty era, becomes unable to grow old because his cells reproduce at such a fast rate. However, he has been asleep for centuries due to a villain who drained all his blood which was the only way to suppress him. One day, after her wedding proposal to her cop boyfriend was rejected soundly, actress Tian Jing Zhi gets into a freak car accident. In the other car was Chao, whose crypt was being transported to a medical facility for research. His crypt busted open and his blood spilled all over Zhi’s broken body as she had flown out of her car. Due to the healing properties in his blood, it healed Zhi’s body to the point where it was even better than before. Chao was also awoken as the drain set up was broken. He decided to save Zhi’s life by infusing more of his blood into her. This creates a deep bond between the two as their hearts pound together and heavier with certain emotions that they feel. In order to protect their secret and for him to find the villain (who seems to be alive as well), they decided to live together. At first, Zhi does not like Chao at all, thinking that he is a monster that she must tolerate. However, slowly they start to care for each other and help each other out.

As you can see, a very similar plot line to My Love From Another Star, to the point where the actors even look like Kim Soo Hyun and Chun Song Yi. However, My Amazing Boyfriend has more of a medical aspect to it and less love triangles. The actress, Janice Wu, played the adorable young version of the female lead in My Sunshine. Here, she takes a more grown up, yet still childlike role of playing an immature, bad-tempered and dramatic actress. While she seems to overact a little bit, it does seem like it is the role’s character personality that she wants to portray. It does not come off annoying, thankfully. Meanwhile, Chao is played by Kim Tae Hwan, who I did not know was a Korean actor before looking him up for this review! I am not really a fan of his acting, perhaps because it is his first role and he does not have any experience yet. A little too wooden for my taste. I really wonder how it is for both actors to act together with a language barrier. It must be difficult on both fronts to get the right expressions and feelings in my opinion. I guess in this situation, the dubbing helps put in needed tone inflections to make the drama seem more natural.


The Whirlwind Girl: Triple Kick


This marks my third novel to drama adaption by Chinese novelist, Ming XiaoXi with the previous dramas I enjoyed being Summer Bubbles and Moon River. Like Tong Hua pieces, I enjoy the way XiaoXi writes her strong female protagonists and swoony male leads. The Whirlwind Girl tells the story of BaiCao, a girl who just recently entered the Yuan Wu Dao (a form of martial arts that focuses on kicking power). After losing her parents at a young age, she was taken in by a former Wu Dao Master named Qu Xiang Nan. However, Qu Xiang Nan carries a horrible reputation in the city of AnYang (birth place of the martial arts style) for cheating in his last competition by using steroids. For BaiCao, Qu Xiang Nan is her father and Wu Dao master no matter what happens and no matter how much she getes bullied or abused because of her master’s reputation. While he could not take her as a disciple, he trained her from a young age to keep up her strength and flexibility. BaiCao grew up that strong positive girl who is willing to do all the work such as cleaning, working part time, etc, to support herself and her master. However, after an incident where her honesty got her into trouble, she ends up kicked out by her previous institute. She is heartbroken by this turn of events. Because her master wanted her to pursue her Wu Dao dreams, he begged another institute, Song Bai, to accept her into training. Although she was reluctant at first, gradually she grew to love her new place of training. It was at this place that she meets three young guys who would each push her to new heights. The first is Ruo Bai, a cold, but ultimately warm hearted instructor at the Song Bai institute. He is always pushing to train her harder, and putting his own time and money on the line to help her. He sacrifices a lot of his own future that BaiCao doesn’t know about.  Second is YuChu Yuan who was a previous Wu Dao genius that withdrew from the support due to a tragic accident between his mother and his friend’s mother. He is studying to become a doctor instead and doesn’t want to touch Wu Dao ever again. His ex-friend, Ting Hao has become a famous international champion due to his talent in Wu Dao, as has his sister, Ting Yi. However, he was a humongous grudge against Yu Chu Yuan for his mother’s accident. He is always challenging Yu Chu Yuan to fight him while his sister is deeply in love with Yu Chu Yuan. With these multiple love lines in place, it both distracts and at times pushes BaiCao to improve her abilities in Wu Dao. With her hard efforts, she ascends the ranks of Wu Dao extremely quickly to the point where she is almost evening out in abilities with Ting Yi. Many people have placed their hopes and dreams upon her.

I very much enjoy BaiCao’s hardworking attitude and absolutely love the parts where her martial arts abilities transcend people’s expectations. It is the underdog effect for sure. Of the three ships available, I am firmly riding the Ruo Bai one. While he seems so cold and unforgiving to many, it is obvious that he cares deeply for Bai Cao’s future. He sacrifices so much of himself for her and doesn’t even care that she doesn’t see it or return the favor. Meanwhile, I do love the banter between Ting Hao and Bai Cao as well. He has a cute crush on her, which she firmly rebuffs every single time. However, she is able to push him back into this passion from Wu Dao. On the other hand, his sister Ting Yi makes me curl my lips in disgust. She is extremely arrogant and bullies Bai Cao all the time, claiming she has the talent, power, and riches that Bai Cao can never have. Furthermore, she always act as the cute spoiled girl in front of the guys and makes Bai Cao seem like a kid. Ugh. While Bai Cao had her sights set on Yu Chu Yuan, the doctor that TingYi is clinging to, I find him pretty boring. I ultimately hope that the Ruo Bai ship sails the furthest.

Now about the martial arts part. It is exciting and right up my alley! While the training parts leave much to be desired, the actual fights are interesting and well choreographed. Some parts are over-dramatized and probably used wires, but they are amusing for sure. I especially enjoy the nonrealistic, but cool triple kick that BaiCao develops as her secret kick.

PS: I heard there is a Whirlwind Girl Season 2 coming out staring Ji Chang Wook, from Healer! Yay!



Song of the Desert: Call of the Wild


Why yes, I am a fan of Tong Hua and Liu Shi Shi as this will mark my THIRD traditional drama with this writer and actress. I don’t know what it is about Liu Shi Shi, but she is casted perfectly each time into this writer’s traditional dramas a female lead who is strong, independent, smart….and creates a little male harem for herself. Again, we are thrown into the political intrigues of ancient China where warring tribal lords are fighting against the Emperor. This time Liu Shi Shi is Xin Yue, a girl raised by wolves in the desert who is then acclimated to civilization by the nomadic tribes of Da Mo (desert). However, due to political strife between the tribes, she almost loses her life as a warlord overthrows the current regime. Devastated, she goes back to her wolf family and into hiding until she meets two special people. One is Jiu Ye, a mysterious merchant who she tried to steal some clothes from. Jiu Ye has a disability and has very weak legs. However, he is the lord of Shi Enterprise which has a large influence amongst the Chinese empire as well as the people of the desert. The other one is General Wu Ji, illegitimate nephew to the Emperor who manages to achieve great military power at a young age. She manages to save Wu Ji from desert robbers and also lead the group back to the city. Enticed by Ji An, the capitol city, she decides to make a living there herself, just for fun and to find these two people again. With the help of Jiu Ye, she manages to take over a dance house and become a prominent business woman. She even manages to help a quiet, but beautiful woman named Qin Xiang to become a concubine to the Emperor. However, this friendship is doomed as Qin Xiang has her eyes set on revenge on the royal family due to a past family tragedy. At first she falls in love with Jiu Ye, who refuses to return her affections due to his noble idiocy about his disability and impotency. Meanwhile, Wu Ji, has already fallen in love with Xin Yue as she is a vivacious girl. While to others he is brash, proud, and stony cold, he always loves teasing Xin Yue. After being rejected one too many times by Jiu Ye, Xin Yue decides to let go of this love and go back to the desert. However, Wu Ji captures her on her way back and convinces her to hang out with him instead. While he is making war on the tribes, she dresses up as a man and participates in the battles with him. Slowly he becomes engraved in her heart.

Now I know plenty of people are aboard the Hu Ge/Jiu Ye ship, but frankly I did not feel a pull towards him at all. Yes, he is quite handsome, but that melancholy air about him is really a downer in contrast to Xin Yue’s playfulness. His noble idiocy was really frustrating at times and frankly I skipped over most of their scenes together. Now, Wu Ji is a whole different story. While most arrogant seemingly secondary leads are annoying, Wu Ji pulls everything off with smoldering looks and charisma. I could not resist his mischievousness and his perfectness for Xin Yue. He treats her like his equal in all manners, including on the battlefield and pushes her to her best. He knows she isn’t one to be coddled and they live in a relationship based on mutual trust and communication. It’s definitely a drama with plenty of scenes to fangirl about.

PS. Liu ShiShi looks so gorgeous in snowy scenes (Bu Bu Jing Xin + Imperial Doctress)


The Imperial Doctress: Female Physcians


I am extremely picky with my Chinese period dramas, versus ones from other eras. They tend to be 40+ episodes, so it has to be really riveting for me to stick with it for that long, especially if much of it will include political intrigue. Lucky for me, I found a project that two of my favorite actors/actresses is in. I have the pleasure of watching Liu Shi Shi (Bu Bu Jing Xin) and Wallace Huo (Love Me if You Dare)! The Imperial Doctress is a drama about the first female physician in the Ming dynasty to become well known. In an patriarchal society, women were basically to do nothing but the arts at home. Our main character, Yun Xian’s whole family use to be imperial physicians for the royal family. However, due to the naiveté of Yun Xian when she tried to help her family with the medicines, she ended up accidently cause d her whole family tragedy. She was tricked by a mysterious person as a child to put extra medicine in a broth that was to be given to the empress. Thus, her grandfather ended up being put to death and her family exiled. During this hard time, her brother who was to take up the family tradition ended up dying as well due to Yun Xian not having the knowledge to help her brother at her young age. Years later, the father finally manages to change the family name and rise again as an official. However, he forbids his only daughter to study medicine with her grandmother. Her grandmother does not want the long passed down knowledge of medicine to die out, but the father is adamant about his daughter not repeating the same mistakes. However, Yun Xian is unable to watch anybody die in front of her and takes any opportunity possible to exercise her skill. By chance, she manages to save a prince, Qi Yu, who is being hunted down by another faction of the royal family. They of course fall in love with each other. Because we need a love triangle, she also manages to attract the emperor’s attention as well. However, she does not know Qi Zhen is the emperor as he is loudmouthed, brash, and mischievous. He has a deep heartache and is trying to go against the empress dowager due to a tragedy involving his birth mother in the past. Meanwhile, the empress dowager is going against the emperor and wants to put Qi Yu on the throne instead as the ‘son’ she raised isn’t listening to her. With this politic mess and Yun Xian’s persistence to practice medicine as a woman, I am looking forward to the drama it will bring!

I’ve always adored Liu Shi Shi in ancient drama settings. She has an elegant look about her that fits well with that era. I also love the spunkiness that her characters have. As we all know, Liu Shi Shi attracts all kinds of princes and emperors like she does in Bu Bu Jin Xin. As for Wallace Huo, I can attest to his acting from Love Me If You Dare and enjoy the brash character he adopts in this drama. However, it does make me sad that he is not endgame in our drama. Wallace and Liu Shi Shi are on fire, and most stills we see have them together. However, this is not to say that she doesn’t have good chemistry with Huang Xuan, prince and future emperor. They are also pretty adorable together. Though it does feel different than your usual dramas where the girl ends up with a “second lead type of guy” rather than the usual “brash” one. Or which one will she end up with really?

Return of the Heiress / 千金归来 : Lies and Betrayals


Since I am really enjoying Li Qin’s acting in Return of Happiness, I decided to check out more of her works. This brought me to the melo-revenge piece she did….called Return of the Heiress. She sure likes to make these “returns of”. This drama ALSO feature birth secrets, but fake amnesia. About 16 episodes in, I finally paused long enough to write this first impression! Return of Heiress is about Changqing, heir to Shen Shen Enterprise. When Changqing was young, her mother had died a mysterious death after a long period of ailment.  At the time of the mother’s death, a mistress appeared who goaded the poor woman into asystole and most probably did some nefarious dead to propagate the ailmet in the first place. Although Changqing’s father was stricken at his wife’s death, he was pleased that the CEO position of Shen Shen came to him because Changqing can’t manage a company at such a young age. He also decided to bring the mistress into the family home along with a daughter he had out of wedlock. Changqing’s father had been having extramarital affairs. Thus, this supposedly “happy” family of four lived for over 10 years without any issue. Meanwhile, the mistress and her daughter had ulterior motives to push Changqing out of the family. They often manipulate naive Changqing who really believes that she has a nice stepmother and stepsister. However, they have been secretly poisoning her all along. It comes to a point where she actually became hospitalized and was declared dead. With her “death”, the stepmother and stepsister became afraid of what they had done. Little did they know that Changqing miraculously came back to life under the white sheet and became privy to all their manipulations.

After learning how they had betrayed her so deeply, she decided to get revenge on them. In order to do that, she pretended to have amnesia and a complete personality change. She was able to mostly convince her step-family and her father that she had forgotten everything that had happened. Her father was in an unfortunate position where he feels bad that he had treated his extramarital family so poorly and wanted to make reparations while still supporting his revived daughter. They all hope she does not get her memory back and are suspicious at her every move. Changqing must always be very careful in her words and actions. It becomes a battle between her manipulative step-family and her at every turn. She has to prevent the mistress from marrying into the family. Meanwhile, one of her favorite uncles gets into an unfortunate accident and dies. As she was very close to this uncle, she was extremely upset. Little did she know, this uncle was actually her real father due to a drunken event on her mother’s wedding night (father dearest had gone to see the mistress). Her fake father, CEO of Shen Shen already knows this and is only catering to Changqing to keep his foothold in the company. Upon knowing that her father had something to do with her uncle’s death, Changqing must also battle with her fake father as well.

Luckily she meets one of her childhood friends who will help her along the way to mature into a smart and career woman. He is a doctor and tries to help her achieve her goals in any way he can. The other male lead in her life is a rich and financial guru who has a prickly exterior. He doesn’t take any nonsense which Changqing fires right back at him. This definitely peaks his interest in her and her ambitions.

Li Qin looks incredibly different in this drama versus the current Return of Happiness. However, her acting is still very good, but definitely a different style. Of course Li Yi Feng as our doctor friend is adorable and heartbreaking his pining for his childhood friend. They evoke such feels together and he brings such joy in her life when everyone else has betrayed her. There is also a certain fire between her and Jin Rui, a more mature relationship based on wit and prickliness. Also I do feel obligated to warn you that Shin Min Hee who plays second female lead will annoy the guts out of you. She overacts in the department of cutesy, contrived, pouty, clingy, etc. You will want to poke your eyes out and hers! I am excited to see how this drama pans out I really like the angsty parts that have happenedd and hope there are more yet to come.