Twenty Again – Rekindled


Twenty Again

College can sometimes be a person’s most exciting part of life before they are sucked in the adult working world. Not only are you at the peak of your life, but whatever you do for the next four years will change your life entirely. These days, in the U.S., getting a degree is almost the bare minimum to survive in society. However privileged as American citizens are, we must remember this is not an opportunity many people in other countries get to enjoy. In Twenty Again, Ha No-Ra is a housewife who wishes to go to college, a chance she never got to take. Before turning twenty, she had accidentally gotten pregnant and was not able to even finish her high school degree.

Fast-forward 18 years, she is in an unhappy marriage as her husband who is a literature professor at a university looks down upon her intellect. Unfortunately, a once feisty No-Ra has become a doormat in her family as she is looked down upon for being “common”. What starts out as a mission to get her husband to renegade on his decision for divorce by going to college to become smarter later becomes a mission to better experience life for herself. At this critical point of her life, she is mistakenly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer duringĀ a hospital physical due to similar chart records with another patient. Believing she only has 6 months left to live, she wants to experience it to the fullest. Thus, she starts to attend university secretly, without her husband or son knowing because they happened to attend and work at the same one! Meanwhile, her husband is cheating on her with another professor who specializes in “marriage classes”, har har. The irony. No-Ra also meets a childhood friend who has now become a theater professor at the university she is now attending. Said friend used to have a huge crush on her and is still pining away for her. He uses this chance to childishly get back at her for going off with another man.

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