I did it. I thought I wasn’t going to fall in that deep deep hole, but I did. I am JUDGING MYSELF so hard right now that I can’t even. I am watching an SM produced webdrama, much like Twenty (which featured B2st/BEAST). It’s EXO.

Just kidding, it’s an EXO Fanfic come to life, really though…

Exo? EXO?! The fangirl in me is wishing I was Moon Ga Young. Actually every fangirl in the world is probably wishing this. With only 15min per episode, I get to dose myself with an adorable Moon Ga Young who dramatically blushes at the sight of a boy. Of course, the main course is our EXO boys who are literally the “boys next door”. Mistaking them to be serial killers in the dark, Ga Young’s first instinct to run away while screaming her head off. Second reaction is to spray a whole mouthful of water in Chanyeol’s face after she chokes on rice cakes that she was suppose to deliver to them. Since the house was Chanyeol’s grandpa’s and Chanyeol wants to find what he had “lost” years before at the house, you can be sure there is going to be some ROMANCE IN THE AIR.

I would recap this….but it would have too many screencaps, you know why.

Meanwhile D.O, the closet shipper likes teasing Ga Young with possible sehun x baekhyun fanfics come to life. What kind of drugs are SM on and can I have some?

-phoenix…moving next door right now….

It’s Okay, That’s Love

It’s Okay, That’s Love / Gwaenchanha, Sarangiya

Wow! I very much adore It’s Okay, That’s Love after watching the first two episodes! At first, I was apprehensive about watching this Korean drama, but its great cast drew me in. It has an Indie feel to it, while still giving off a slice-of-life type of feel to it. The OST they chose also is unique in the way that you would think it would not fit with the drama, but it does in its own way. In this drama, Jo In Sung plays Jae Yeol, a mystery fiction novelist/DJ who has a touch of OCD and is bit arrogant. The other half is a compassionate and sharp-witted psychiatrist Hae Soo, played by Gong Hyo Jin, who doesn’t seem to care very much about her own personal life. Both of these people seem to have deep-seated trauma in their past which very much affects their behavior in the present. I may or may not be wrong, but Jae Yeol seems to have another disorder beyond his OCD which may be linked to his traumatic past where his father was killed and his brother is now in jail.This is where Kyungsoo or D.O of EXO comes in to play a figment of his imagination (rather himself when he was younger, I think).Meanwhile, Hae Soo is deeply affected by witnessing her mother cheating on her father when she was younger.

Put these two together in the same house and add another psychiatrist sunbae with his Tourettes affected patient (played by Kwangsoo, rather Soo Kwang in the drama, haha), we have ourselves a chaos soup as everyone steps on everyone else’s toes, literally!

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