Week of March 20: Lan Ling Wang OST

1. Into The Array by Mayday
2. Destiny by Jia Jia
3. Tu Ran Xin Dong by Daniel Chan
4. Heart Of Palms by Della Ding

Lan Ling Wang


Original Title: 兰陵王

Episodes: 46

Year: 2013

Country: China/Taiwan

Channel: JSTV

Theme: Period, love, wuxia

Yang Xue Wu grows up in White Mountain Village without ever being in contact with the outside world. She is raised by her protective and loving grandmother, who is the priestess of their Wu tribe. Their clan’s sorceresses have helped kings conquer the world in the past but decided not to get involved in political and military matters after their clan started suffering from retributions. They’ve lived isolated for generations since the start of political turmoil. Besides protecting their tribe from outsiders, Yang Xue Wu’s grandmother is determined to protect her granddaughter. A prophecy indicated that Yang Xue Wu would fall in love with an outsider, Prince Lan Ling Wang of Qi State, leave her village to follow him, and would eventually end up encountering sorrow when he would die killed by his own brothers.

When Yang Xue Wu meets Lan Ling Wang and brings him to her village in order to take care of his injured horse, she doesn’t realize that fate is knocking on her door. A series of adventures will cause Yang Xue Wu to rescue Lan Ling Wang several times – not without getting involved in military and political struggles.

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