The Sisterhood Award (x2) !

Hello Picadrama readers! Both dramajjang and dramaforreal have nominated us for the sisterhood award! We are absolutely honored to be amongst such great friends and watchers! Thank you all for you wonderful support and thoughts! Thank you dramajjang and dramaforreal, here are our answers! ❤


1. Which is the first k/j/c drama you watched and how did you end up watching it?

phoenix: Boys Over Flowers was my first Korean drama! I use to be an avid watcher of bishounen anime like Ouran High School Host Club, Special A, etc. However, as I ran out of anime to watch, I heard how BOF was actually an anime at first. However, since the anime was old and I couldn’t find proper subtitles, I decide to take a look at the drama version, which I heard was very popular. And boy, did I get a lovely eyeful of F4. That’s how my drama journey started!

maniac Ride: My Princess! One of my friends told me she was watching this cute and funny show on Netflix. I had just moved on campus and didn’t have much friends at the time. This is how I spent most of my time when I started college 😀 ! The beginning of an addiction… I loved every bits and pieces of it. The story was lacking and there were a lot of nonsense twists, but I wasn’t a drama expert back then :-D.

2. Do you prefer food or sweets? Explain your favourites.

phoenix: I prefer food! There is nothing like sitting down for a proper meal. I really enjoy trying and tasting all sorts of savory cuisines. I like bulgogi, Beijing duck, savory buns, pho!

maniac Ride: I love sweets, especially French pastries. I always crave Napoleons, eclairs, and fruit tarts. Sweet things make me happy and I binge on them whenever I am feeling down.

3. Have you ever found a favourite place/building in a drama or a movie, if you have which place/building is that?

phoenix: I’ve always wanted to visit the river of tears…also known as Han River, where everybody films tragic scenes at! Almost all dramas seem to have a scene there! Whether that be a breakup or a brooding.

maniac Ride: Chiang Mai in Thailand! After watching so many lakorns and seeing the leads taking a trip there, I have always wanted to go there. The beach is gorgeous, and the food looks fresh and tasty as well. Gosh, here we go. I am talking about food again.

4. Which season of the year you prefer and why?

phoenix: I prefer the fall. I enjoy the warm transition into a colder time. The pretty leaves that turn into lovely reds and golds! Less allergies as well!

maniac Ride: I love spring because of the clothes! I am able to wear cute summer dresses, light sweaters, nice sandals, and wear bright lipstick! Also the weather isn’t too cold or hot. Perfect for a nice afternoon out, chatting with friends and enjoying drinks.

5. What characteristics would the perfect lead in your life have?

phoenix: Hmmm, he doesn’t have to be a CEO chaebol…but he does need to be capable, strong (little fight in him?), financially-stable, possessive (I want to be wanted all the time, haha), tall!

maniac Ride: I like men who can dress and who are ambitious. I need a go getter. He doesn’t have to be the sexiest man on earth but being a little fit doesn’t hurt ~ Also he has to be crazy for me.

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