For the Emperor


For the Mob Boss is what the title should actually be called. If you remember Lee Min Ki in Shut Up Flower Boy Band, where he tragically only appeared for two episodes, this is what might have become of him if he hadn’t had grown up with such a good group of bros. This movie is about Lee Hwan, who was a prominent baseball player, but was kicked out of the league after being in a game-fixing scandal. While trying to survive, he gets recruited by Emperor Capital. EC is a huge loaning company aka loan sharks aka mobsters. Lee Hwan adapts really fast to this new life and makes a name for himself after fearlessly taking down rougher and meaner enemies. Sang-ha, the ruthless mobster leader takes Lee Hwan under his wing and grooms him to rise quickly through the ranks. Between the two, they rule much of Busan through killing and controlling all the finances. Lee Hwan also tries his hand at dating a bar owner that he had his eye fixed on, but it was only sex for her. While it seemed the ties were getting tighter between Lee Hwan and Sangha, Lee Hwan is manipulated into betraying Sangha and landing him in jail. He also gets the CEO above Sangha as well in jal, becoming CEO himself. However, the ex-CEO has more power and influence to which he ordered a hit on Lee Hwan. Sangha, who was released from jail, rushes to help Lee Hwan who is overwhelmed with knife-wielding gangsters. They fight through the pack together, but suffer grievous wounds. Eventually, they were able to hop onto a yacht, and died peacefully at sea. Brotherhood in arms.

Violence. Sex. Money. That’s it, that is the whole movie. Not really much of a plot other than a skeleton to string the story together somewhat. While the fight scenes were nicely choreographed, and Lee Min Ki looks pretty damn good while fighting, it’s your run of the mill bro-fight movie. With graphic sex. What PD’s can’t show in a drama, it shows excessively in a movie. The whole experience is mehh for lack of a better word. If you are looking for a mindless fight movie with a spot of revenge and some brotherhood to pass the time, this is for you. This is not for me.