The Abnormal Summit (비정상회담)

2014-08-28 23.27.43

The Abnormal Summit is a talk show by the Korean channel JTBC. It is hosted as a sort of conference where representatives of different countries share their opinions on controversial topics. There are three hosts – and a guest in each episode. The guest is the person presenting the problem. It could be his or her problem, but it can also be sent in by someone else.

I have seen six episodes so far and I like what I’ve seen so far. It’s a little different than any other Korean variety or talk show I have seen.

Main Cast

I didn’t introduce the hosts because I think the focus of the show is on different cultures, traditions, and opinions therefore on the foreigners :-D.

Daniel (Australia)

2014-08-28 23.27.08

His tattoos are so good looking. I have seen him in several modeling pictures. Is he a model?

Julian (Belgium)

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