Full House (วุ่นนัก รักเต็มบ้าน) Episode 3

Aom finally finds out that she is homeless and the end of the episode sees everyone finally back in Thailand! 

Aom is frantically looking for Guy’s business card in her purse. She finally finds it and call him, but is unable to reach him. She again tries to contact Oom but ends up leaving a voice mail telling her that the cost of a 3 night stay is 30,000 baht (~$900). Where can she find that kind of money??!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 12.24.26 PM

After roaming around the city, she has the idea of asking Mike for the money. She sneaks into his room when room service delivers his food. Mike sees her while he’s on the phone and is left speechless (I would seriously scream so loudly and call the cops). He continues his conversation and after he’s finally done, he tries to kick her out thinking that she’s a crazy fan girl in love with him (That sasaeng life).

Aom interrupts him and lets him know that he is definitely not her type . She then proceeds by asking him for $$$ saying that they are all Thai and that they should help each other (shameless much). Mike bursts into laughter and then gets frantic. He goes into a rant and details all the crazy things fans asks him to do: dancing, taking his sunglasses off for pictures, randomly asking him to sing a song, etc. The conversation goes no where and he ends up picking her up and throwing her outside.

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