The Huntresses


The Huntresses

The common theme for me while watching this movie was the phrase, “What?” Coming into it, I thought I was going to watch an action thriller with Korean “Charlie’s Angels”. However, it turned out to be an odd mash up of 80% comedy and only 20% of serious action. Jin-Ok, Hong-Dan, and Ga-Bi are three beautiful bounty hunters who work with Moo-Myung, who brings them job assignments.

Each of the three has unique personalities. While, Jin Ok (played by Ha Ji Won), seemed to be the leader of the three with a traumatic past, Hong-Dan (played by Gang Ye-Won) was the long-suffering wife with pin-throwing skills. Ga-Bi (played by Ga-in) was the tom-boy who doesn’t really care about anything much except for her fellow fighters and will finally discover love in an unexpected place.

One day, the group receives a job to deliver a stauroscope from China to the King of Joseon dynasty. Secret envoys on this mission have been dying one by one after being attacked by assassins on the Chinese side. Of course the three musketeers take up this dangerous mission for the big monetary reward at the end. Add in a dash of a past lover/servant of the family who of course has amnesia and doesn’t remember Jin Ok, and we have ourselves a mashup of an almost comedic trope of star-crossed love with one side busy trying to kill the other.

Though the movie does deliver a few laughs and does have excellent special effects, especially with the fighting scenes, the plot is extremely loose. I had to often pause the movie and make sure I hadn’t missed a section. Then again, perhaps I came into the movie with too high of expectations since I was used to Ha Ji-Won’s serious thrillers, and this comedic piece threw me off kilter. To be honest, this movie is more akin to a Kill Bill movie where parts are exaggerated and exude an almost comedic affect with it’s craziness.