My Love From The Star’s Success In China

My Love From The Star’s Success In China

I stumbled upon this article from The Washington Post today. My attention was immediately drawn to the picture of Kim Soo Hyun and Gianna Jun ~ Apparently Chinese officials are wondering why China is unable to produce shows as successful. The Korean drama featuring our favorite alien has also taken China by storm.

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My Love from Another Star

My Love from Another Star

A love story between an alien and a Hallyu celebrity… Compelling, but not that much. What makes this drama interesting is definitely not the plot itself, but more the satire of the movie/drama industry. I love how Cheon Song Yi (Gianna Jun ) portrays this pretty dumb actress (can’t even tell the difference between propofol – a sedative and anesthetic abused by some Korean celebrities – and propolis). The other reason I am watching is because of Kim Soo Hyun, who plays the male lead Do Min Joon. I loved The Moon that Embraces the Sun and was definitely looking forward to his future drama. The first two episodes were punctuated by flashbacks of Min Joon’s 400 years on Earth and his sassy comments. Min Joon’s sexy sassiness is a must see ~

– maniac Ride