Marriage, Not Dating

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Original Title: 연애 말고 결혼

Episodes: 16

Year: 2014

Channel: tVN

Theme: Rom-com

Joo Jang Mi is in her late twenties-early thirties and like a lot of women at that age she feels the need to find her husband. She first sets her eyes on Lee Hoon Dong. Jang Mi and Hoon Dong have been seeing each other for quite some time now, but it’s always been in shady places. They are not official yet and that is something Jang Mi is trying to set straight. When Jang Mi introduces the topic of a more serious and steady relationship, Hoon Dong panics and runs! Hoon Doong starts avoiding Jang Mi hardcore – not picking up his phone, running away when he sees her, and the worst: asking his friend Gong Ki Tae to help him get rid of Jang Mi.

Jang Mi chasing after Hoon Doong gets her a reputation of stalker + a little trip to court where she faces STALKING charges T___T.

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Killer Girl K

Original Title: 소녀K / Sonyeo K

Episodes: 3

Year: 2013

Country: South Korea

Channel: CGV

Theme: Action, Suspense, Thriller, Mystery

               Plot: Killer Girl K, a short drama of only 3 episodes packs a punch, figuratively and literally! Being a cable drama, Girl K is able to fill its short broadcasting span with much intense, uncensored violence and lust that is usually taboo amongst the longer dramas. The story tells of a young girl Cha Yeon Jin played by a newbie actor (Han Groo) who masks her hidden identity by pretending to be a normal student. With a family shrouded in mystery, Yeon Jin grew up as a rebellious teenager who gave back as much as she got, if not more. However, an unfortunate run-in with a group of dangerous people and her friends changed her life forever. With her mother kidnapped and all of her friends dead, Yeon Jin inevitably set out to rescue the one family she has and avenge the deaths. Coming up against trained assassins and hitmen, her fighting skills were not up to par and she narrowly escaped death, but unfortunately she lost her mother.

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