One Spring Night



Another great mature drama! I have been impatiently waiting for new episodes of this drama and Before We Get Married to air.

This show gives me vibes of Something in the Rain because of the serious themes tackled. The stories are quite different but both deal with societal issues and pressures.


Lee Jung-In is a librarian who has been dating her successful and wealthy boyfriend, Kwon Ki-Seok, for about four years. In many people’s eyes, their relationship is perfect but what they don’t see is the lack of passion. When Jung-In meets Yoon Ji-Ho, a pharmacist and a single father, she starts to re-discover the meaning of love.


To make things more complicated, Ji Ho turns out to be a junior (hoobae) of Jung In’s boyfriend.

Other characters to look out for are Jung-In’s two sisters, especially the older sister who is dealing with serious issues of her own.

Single fatherhood

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 10.45.48 AM

Ji Ho being a single father will probably be the hardest hurdle to overcome for the lead couple. This is something both are well aware of. This is also one of the reasons why Ki Seok refuses to let go of Jung In. Ki Seok never imagined Jung In breaking up with him. Ki Seok finds this break up especially hurtful since Jung In fell in love with a man with a child. For Ki-Seok, this is unimaginable and this tells you all about how single fathers are perceived. They are seen as defective, not worthy of love or consideration. That’s also why I am thoroughly enjoying this slap in the face to Ki-Seok. I am happy that his ego is bruised. It gives me a sense of satisfaction because he belittled Ji-Ho, not knowing that is the same man is girlfriend is falling for.

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A Peek Into DID: Kill Me Heal Me vs. Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Here is two for one deal! I have officially completed Kill Me Heal Me and dropped Hyde, Jekyll, Me like it’s hot (stopped at ep.14). Kill Me Heal Me touched my heart in so many ways and I have never replayed so many parts of a drama. Meanwhile, while I love Hyun Bin and tolerate Han Ji-Min, I can no longer force myself to watch it.

KMHM Plot: I can definitely say, the right plot really breaks or makes a drama, especially if you have a similar airing drama to compare it to. What KMHM has is a touching and very tightly spun storyline following a pair of children from their tragic pass to how this affects them in the future. Add in exciting and unexpected twists is just the cherry on top which kept my yearning for the next set of episodes each week. Much of the time you are kept guessing at what really happened which is the point since the main character didn’t even know himself the true story of his past and could only assume at first what had occurred. The drama is literally about different perspectives and how just one act can be interpreted in so many ways, many facets just like Do Hyun himself. Even the ending was perfect and cathartic, a truly healing completion to a emotional roller coaster for the viewers and Do Hyun himself.

HJM Plot: Everything since pretty, fluffy, and dream like in the beginning which seriously drew me in. However, the drama is like a broken carousel (forgive my circus metaphors!). It spins colorfully in the beginning, but has no substance and soon you hear the slowed down and warped music as it comes to a complete stop. The premise sounded interesting as I was already watching the other DID drama, and I wanted to see another take on it, with fewer personality. While the DID Seo Jin backstory was fine including the tragic past with his friendenemy, the rest was really flimsy. First of all, the cops are SO INADEQUATE, loosing the villain a billion times with their ineptitude. Seriously, it bordered on farcical how stupid they were and how this was suppose to keep Tae Joo in play to add a somewhat interesting item to the plot. All the romance moving plot was really not and much like a parody instead of a romcom. Basically, a carousel that goes round and round and round when you wish it would just let you off and finish at ep16.

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Fan-made Parody Videos Better Than the Original!

Recently, I have seen these videos circulating amongst the Hyde, Jekyll, and Me as well as Kill Me Heal Me fanbases! They are fan-made parodies of Jeon Ji Hyun’s CF for lipstick redone by Ji Sung or AKA YoNa. And we also have 50 Shades of Grey, Seo Jin style with HaNa. They are really well made and hey, I would definitely buy those products and watch that movie !

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Well well well, what do we have here? Let’s just say that Hyde, Jekyll, Me is quite the opposite from Kill Me, Heal Me, even though both dramas focus on dissociative identity disorder. It is whimsical and pretty in so many different ways, much like its Wonderland setting. Where KMHM has a kind dominant personality and rough alter, HJM is the opposite. The main personality is Seo-Jin, cold prince…well sociopath extraordinaire. He describes himself as the perfect saint, preventing himself from feeling anything, indulging in anything, and doing anything that is not his work. This is all to keep his vitals below that dangerous number of 150. Once he reaches that mark, Robin, his alter pops out. Robin, however, is the kind, soul-saving, OMG KILLER SMILE (so swoony), man that was born out of Seo-Jin’s guilt and past trauma. His family knows about Seo-Jin’s Robin sized problem, well I wouldn’t call it a problem since he is so nice, and keeps him tasered and under wraps.

Meanwhile, Jang Ha-na, daughter of the Wonderland’s late circus ringmaster comes back to South Korea to save the circus group from getting cut. In an effort to extend the contract, she runs into Seo-jin many ties and they develop an immediate dislike to each other. However, Ha-na becomes involved in a missing persons situation and is the sole witness to who captured Dr. Kang, the psychiatrist who has the solution to Seo-Jin’s DID. As Ha-na was being strangled by the kidnapper, she rejected by Seo-Jin, but saved by Robin (who had apparently saved her when she was younger). Ha-na now undergoes hypnosis by a famous student of Dr. Kang’s, but now is also in danger from the kidnapper. Robin appears again to save Ha-na from danger and confuses her as he has the same face as Seo-Jin, but is a complete free spirit instead.

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