Hormones 2 (วัยว้าวุ่น ) Episode 1


Promiscuous Romance is the talk of the town. It’s a lakorn portraying the behaviors of teenagers when it comes to sex. We get a glimpse of the lakorn within the first few minutes of the episode – a drama within a drama. Two teenagers – Pat and Ken – meet in the back of a taxi cab and things get heated pretty quickly. Pat convinces Ken that no one will know about what’s going on between them, especially his girlfriend Min. Plus if he is going to be as stiff as a plank of wood he should have no come. Ken quickly gets in the mood… Promiscuous Romance reminds me a lot of Hormones. I am sure the director of Hormones is trying to send us a message.

The episode with Pat and Ken in the taxi cab is being discussed by everyone at school in the following days.  Tar walks in school and notices that everyone is talking about the show. He walks toward Mhog, and asks him about the show. Is it that good? Mhog confirms that yes it is. He’s been watching it too. Mhog then asks him how his new song is coming along. Tar says nothing much so far. One of Tar’s bandmate is out of town so it’s been hard to coordinate. Tar then spots Pop, one of his friend, with a girl. If I am not mistaken, Pop is the one always doing the little podcasts and news videos at school. Or is it someone else? Anyway, Tar explains that Pop gave him a fake rendez vous and now he is flirting with a girl. Tar and Mhog walk toward Pop and the girl.

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