Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo Episode 6

Let’s pick up where we left off last week: Naoki and Keita are still having a nasty exchange – glaring their eyes at each other and exchanging harsh words. Naoki tells Keita to not lay his hands on Kotoko and to bring it on if he dares to.

Kotoko later tells her fainting incident to Satomi and Jinko. When she woke up, Naoki was monitoring her! How cute and cheesy. With that, Kotoko wouldn’t mind fainting from time to time. Yet, what Jinko and Satomi care about is Keita’s identity. Who was this handsome guy carrying her? Is she having an affair?! It would be interesting to see Keita and Naoki fighting over Kotoko… Dear ladies, your wishes are about to become true.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 8.57.59 PM

Summer school starts: Kotoko and her teammates are studying for a project except that Kotoko isn’t being as productive. Thankfully we have Keita; he is always there to give her an abrupt wake up call. Girl needs to stop constantly thinking and dreaming about Naoki and FOCUS. After the last group meeting, Motoki proposes that they hang out one more time before the beginning of the following semester. Bowling it is. Only Tomoko is unable to join them; she has a part-time job. Not surprisngly it involves cutting something – fishes. She’s so creepy.

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Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo Episode 4

Naoki and Kotoko congratulate Matsumoto at the end of her graduation ceremony. Matsumoto questions Kotoko about her acceptance to nursing school. Everyone thinks that Kotoko wants to be a nurse because of Naoki, including the latter. Kotoko is shocked, but clearly can’t deny that it’s mostly true. Kotoko is excited and proud to announce that she has been accepted into nursing school! She passed the most difficult entrance exam for nursing school. Yuko is surprised, but mostly worried for Kotoko’s patients. I am too.

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 12.59.57 PM

Yuko found her dream job in the IT industry and vows to work hard to find Mr. Perfect. That is definitely not . Matsumoto thanks Naoki for making her college years fun and wishes the best of luck to our couple.

Meanwhile Satomi and Jinko are crying their eyes out at the graduation ceremony. They are saying goodbye to their friends while they are still stuck in school. They each failed a class – strict attendance requirement and turning someone’s homework by mistake. I can’t believe that even Kotoko is graduating and not them… Well she is actually not graduating but going to nursing school.

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 1.00.53 PM

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Year in Review: Drama Crushes

A list of all the dramas we loved! The year 2014 had quite some good dramas. The key was to discover them! Thank you 2014 for blessing us with those shows :-D!

phoenix’s selection

Bad Guys


There are no words to describe how much I love this drama. Without any love lines, this suits me just fine because the excellent action and thrilling fights more than makes up for it. We have a twisted father, Mad Dog, who lost his daughter during a serial killer investigation and now leads a special investigations unit made up of three hardened criminals released from jail. Kind of like a tame Hannibal scenario?

Anyways, we have a hitman who turned himself in after a murder and is full of regret and seeking redemption. The second is a powerful gangster who conquered 30+ districts for his boss in the span of a few weeks. The last is a amnesiac serial killer who can’t remember his murders…and who might have murdered Mad Dog’s daughter. Sounds like a self-destructing bomb doesn’t it? Oh, and I almost forgot that meddling ahjumma female cop in the group who always speaks like she is whispering. Anyways, although having ulterior motives in the beginning, Mad Dog gradually begins to appreciate each criminal for their humanistic side. The four develop a special camaraderie that has them saving each other’s butts, instead of climbing over each other to reduce their own sentences with each case they solve.

The drama is fantastically shot, though sometimes hard on the eyes, because of the dark lighting they always use. The fighting scenes are simply superbly choreographed and portrays the strengths of each character. The acting is also up to par even though most of the actors are not A-listers. With each episode being a separate case, the drama manages to tie the whole thing together by linking each character with each other as well as connecting all the cases together in a big mystery case. The ending shows us the potential for a sequel…which I can’t wait to see written and filmed!

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Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo Episode 3

It’s Kotoko’s last year as an undergraduate. Her friends Jinko and Satomi seem to have their paths set while Kotoko still doesn’t know what she wants to do. Our main character wonders if it is alright to stay at home and not get a job at all.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.40.29 PM

Kinosuke’s love interest, Christine, finally arrives at Tonan University! Her encounter with Kotoko is a mix and match of broken English and Japanese. Seeing that Christine is a foreigner, Kotoko immediately tells her that she doesn’t speak English. To which Chris responds in Japanese. Christine is like the foreign version of Kotoko. They are both so bubbly.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.42.02 PM

Chris and Kotoko head to Tonan Medical School to visit Naoki. They first meet Seichi – another medical student and Naoki’s rival. Kotoko is excited when she introduces herself as Naoki’s wife. Seichi is not that impressed. Is Kotoko really the one in Genius Naoki’s heart?! Seichi rudely looks at Kotoko from head to toe. Luckily, Chris is here to get revenge for Kotoko. When Seichi tries to hit on her, she lets him know that he is DEFINITELY not her type. She has HIGH standards.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.42.27 PM

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Cantabile Tomorrow vs. Nodame Cantabile


Korean Version


Joo Won plays Yoo-Jin, a very talented musical genius, who aspires to be a conductor even though he is in the piano department of the school. Joo Won portrays Yoo-Jin as an intense and even arrogant young man who believes that his talents lay elsewhere. However, after meeting Nae-il, Yoo Jin learns to tolerate those with a uh..lets just say a much different style of living. With the Korean version, Joo Won’s piano playing act is passable, but conducting acting lies more on the dramatic side. However, his adorable smirks and helplessness more than balances his act. Sometimes, Joo Won’s Yoo-Jin seems like he is on the edge of a bursting into a fit of passion.

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Mischievous Kiss 2 : Love in Okinawa (Special)

2014-09-24 00.58.11

Naoki and Kotoko are back! I am so grateful for this special episode as I have missed them since Season 1 ~ Enjoy this episode while waiting for Season 2. 

Our couple is aboard a plane – direction Okinawa for they honeymoon. Naoki pretends to sleep while Kotoko tries to be fancy and speak English when the stewardess asks her what she wants to drink. Kotoko’s cute and broken English draws laughter from one of her neighbors.

Naoki also comments on Kotoko speaking English. Why is she trying so hard? This is only a trip to Okinawa. Kotoko explains that it’s her first time flying and goes on a rant… She also starts snapping pictures of Naoki, who is always being a party pooper – not smiling in the pictures and deciding to take a nap instead.

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Love Affairs in the Afternoon

2014-08-31 23.08.25

Original Title: 昼顔 – 平日午後3時の恋人たち-

Episodes: 11

Year: 2014

Channel: Fuji TV

Theme: Melodrama

Love Affairs in the Afternoon is a drama focusing on the extra-marital affairs of two housewives – Sawa and Rikako. As the title implies, the two women get to spend time with their lovers during the afternoon when their husbands are at their 9 to 5 jobs.

2014-08-31 23.11.24

Sawa has been married for five years to her self centered husband. Their married life is peaceful and sadly uneventful. The couple hasn’t had sex in forever and Sawa’s husband is more focused on his two hamsters than his wife. Let’s add that Sawa’s mother-in-law is the nosy type. She inserts herself in the couple’s life and spend quite some time in their apartment – cooking, gossiping, and spying on Sawa. Is Sawa cheating? Who was the man she was talking to earlier? The mother in law is also pressuring Sawa to have children. She even goes as far as to dig deep enough and find out about the couple’s sex life. The mother in law then finds it justified to give advice about the couple’s sex life. Let’s add the rude comments such as : “You are just not sexy at all” or “Can’t you be fashionable sometimes?”

2014-08-31 22.31.42

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Kingyo Club

Original Title: 金魚倶楽部, Kingyo Club

Episodes: 10

Year: 2011

Country: Japan

Channel: NHK

Theme: Friendship, Slice of Life, Angst, School

         Plot: Kingyo Club is a short 10 episode slice of life Japanese drama, very much played out like a whimsical dream. Haru, a third year high school student, is completely uninterested in school and dramas within it. He often skips class and hangs out in an abandoned club-like room. His two best friends  Kida Kayoko and Yanagihashi Sho are the ones who keep him from totally isolating himself. Furthermore, Kida has a crush on Haru while Sho is pinning for Kida. One day Haru’s apathy is broken when he sees a young girl named Koto being bullied by several other girls. These girls beat her up as well drench her clothes in paint, and Haru steps in to stop them. However, later he sees Koto up on the rooftop of the school and runs there in a frenzy thinking she is about to throw herself off the top. However, Koto is merely enjoying some time alone, trying to make sense of her troubles. Much of comes from the fact that her mother is basically a prostitute and she herself is painfully shy. Haru takes an odd interest in her and thus forms the friendship between the two teens. They form a unique little Goldfish club in the club room when Haru wins some goldfish from a game. The story flows along, angst filled, and overflowing with cuteness as the two figure each out and heal the wounds that each have suffered. Slowly Koto comes out of her shell while Haru takes more of a interest in his peers. Slowly, a romance blossoms between them.

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