Lian Lian Bu Wang aka Loving, Never Forgetting

Loving, Never Forgetting aka “Hustling” (don’t ask me why…)

Well, this little drama had me searching really hard to find watchable episodes. After made its uploads private, I had to resort to,, to find Chinese websites that had the episodes available. Cue my limited ability to read or write Chinese, I had some trouble typing in the name in Chinese search engines. Obviously, it is not subbed yet. However, luckily I can understand Chinese just fine. Thus, I can let you guys know what I think of this Chinese makjang (melo, to the extreme). First of all, prepare yourselves, those who have not watched any Chinese dramas before. Let me put it out there now, Chinese dramas are DUBBED. Yes, as in the voices you hear entering your ears are not the actor/actresses’s real voices. Unfortunate for us, but I suppose it streamlines the drama so that dialects and accents aren’t all over the place. Beware of annoying girly crying and unmatched lip/voice syncing at times.

Anyways, on to the real review. Contrary to the pretty poster above that shows a soft glowing romantic love, you will see none of that in the beginning. After watching two episodes, I can safely conclude that CEO Li, played by Jerry (yes, the one from Taiwanese BOF), is a douchey woman-hater as of now. He pretty much hates his mother (who of course makes him feel unloved), uses his celebrity girlfriend (basically friends with benefits, and no I will never marry you, but stay the night), and tramples all over the mother of his child. But luckily, he has one shining high point. His heart of steel cracks the door open a little for his son. What I don’t understand is how hell-bent his is on ripping the son away from his mother. A mother who single-handedly raised him for 4 years by herself, under the poverty line who didn’t ask for help from him or anybody else. Without further ado, he is claiming the son to be just his and of course his own mother doesn’t want the mother of the child to set foot in her household. Tong Li Ya plays the mother, Wu Tong, who has already gone to her knees to save her child and shed copious amount of tears. So even though, CEO Li makes me want to stab him in the eye right now, I am interested to see how hard he will fall and what he will do to make up for his sins later on. I also want to see Wu Tong stand tall and proud on her own feet while giving everybody else a reckoning.