Flower by XIAH JUNSU ft. Tablo

Junsu’s MV and songs never fail to amaze me. Not your usual kpop fare.




Wow, am I on a drama roll lately! So I decided to check out Spy, just to see if I like it. It does have all the elements I really love such as spies, action, conspiracy, hidden agendas, which side am I really on…..but after two episodes, it hasn’t sparked for me yet. More like just simmering coals right now. The drama itself is slickly filmed and the plot does sound interesting for sure. However, I’m not sure what it is, but I don’t have a eager passion for it yet. While Bae Jang Ok who plays Hye Rim, the mother, is perfect in her role as a ex-spy, I am less convinced by Sun Woo, played by Jaejoong. Although I have watched other projects by Jaejoong, I am not sure if he has improved from them. This is not to say his acting is bad per say, but I am sure not fangirling over it either. It’s just a bit bland for me at the moment, which I hope will improve soon! Finally, Yo Oh Seung, playing N. Korean handler, is very skillful in delivering a villain we like to┬áhate!

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