D-Day – Comes to the Rescue


As an RN, I thoroughly enjoy medical dramas when they are done well. D-Day is the story of how a natural disaster makes what had been a team of medical staff who had been more focused on prestige and profits grow into ones that are focused more on saving lives using whatever means possible. Kim Young-Kwang plays an ER surgeon, Hae-sung, who rebels against his hospital system and tries to save whatever traumas that come into his center no matter if they have a small survival rate. Unfortunately, the director of the hospitalĀ is more focused on the statistics of his hospital and pushes Hae-sung out to a branch hospital because of his “impulsive” actions. Hae-sung also has a mother who is in a coma and he is pushed out to the branch hospital because he refused to compromise his morals. Hae-sung has basically lost his rights to using the scalpel as he is relegated into only doing colonoscopies (using scopes up people’s rectums).

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