Someone Like You

Someone Like You

I tend to not watch many Taiwanese dramas because they drag so much! You could wait for 3,4,6 episodes before they get to the gist of it. So when I find one that gets me hooked, I binge watch!

This drama is beautiful in so many ways – cast, music and pace!

Zhan Cheng, a successful business man, loses his fiance Liang Luo Han in a car accident before their wedding. Since he was the one driving,  guilt haunts him and he refuses to cure the blindness caused by the accident. Heartbroken, Zhan Cheng locks himself up in darkness. His business still runs as he hides his blindness with the help of his partner and friend William.

Things change when two years after the accident, Chen Yu Xi walks into Zhan Cheng’s life. Something that’s particular about Yu Xi: She looks exactly like Luo Han and even their voices are the same.

Anyway, Yu Xi moves in with Zhan Cheng to be his nurse/secretary and slowly but surely, she helps Zhan Cheng rediscover the meaning of happiness. Yes, at first Zhan Cheng is drawn to Yu Xi by her voice, which brings back memories of Luo Han but he realizes that Yu Xi is her cheerful, go getter, strong and outgoing self. I was a little sceptic about this Luo Han/Yu Xi look alike ingredient. I didn’t want Zhan Cheng to fall for Yu Xi just because she looks and sounds similar to Luo Han. But the drama does a great job at showing that Yu Xi and Luo Han looks might be the same, but their personalities are sooo different.

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