Fated To Love You – Korean Version!

Fated To Love You ft. Korean Style

While we often start with a Korean drama that later gets adapted to another version in a different country, often China or Taiwan, it is a rare sight to see the opposite happen! Fated To Love You, a very popular Taiwanese drama that came out in 2008, is getting the full Korean remake! The original, played by Chen Xiao and Ethan Ruan, while the Korean version is played by Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara (Jang Squared!). Both are about how a naive, plain, and overly nice woman accidentally has a one night stand with the president of a big company who was about to propose to his ballerina girlfriend before she decided to pursue her career. In a series of coincidences, the two are brought together again by her pregnancy, but must face the multiple challenges that lay ahead. I don’t wish to give away too much of the plot for those who haven’t seen the Taiwanese version.

Overall, the drama will take your feels on a roller-coaster from getting a stitch due to laughing at the insanely cute parts or bawling your eyes out at the parts that tug on your heartstrings. As for the Korean remake, so far it has been sticking pretty closely to the original plot. However, the Korean version moves a bit more slowly than the Taiwanese version and gives more opportunity to develop its characters. Furthermore, the Korean version has a bit of a slapstick humor feel to it, though not as much as to annoy the viewers. Instead, we just giggle at Jang Hyuk’s comedic expressions and his no doubtedly insane cackle (it really is something). And man, that mane of his….I am still not sure what the stylist was thinking, but hey, it makes him all the more a diva. Really, I MEAN DIVAAAAA. As for Jang Nara, she really can’t do any wrong in my eyes. She was cast perfectly in this role and portrays the meek Mi Young cutely, making us root for her! I really look forward to watching more of the Korean remake and how Jang Squared will take this adorable piece to new levels!

“Life is like a gamble. You can’t win every game. But if the chip is in your hands, you will always have hope.” -Cun Xi (Taiwanese Version)


PS. This drama is definitely in my TOP 10 dramas of all time.

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