Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo Episode 5

Kotoko is ecstatic to start her nursing courses, especially with the nursing department adjacent to the medical one. More Naoki stalking.

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Things quickly get rough though. Kotoko doesn’t know anyone in the nursing program plus she is three years older than the other students. Oh, oh let’s not forget that Kotoko starts her nursing program by attracting attention to herself. Negative of course. She is caught day dreaming in class and is called out by her professor.

Kotoko meets her nursing teammates.

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The cute and nice Tomoko

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The golddigger Marina. Her ultimate goal is to marry a wealthy and accomplished man. Preferably a doctor – that’s why she decided to become a nurse. Shallow much.

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The passionate Keita. He’s enthusiastic about everything he does. He wants to become the best nurse and pushes his teamates to work as hard. His personality seem to often clash with Marina’s; he can’t stand why she decided to become a nurse.

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The handsome Motoki. A man who feels like a woman deep down and a fan of Naoki!

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Mischievous Kiss 2 : Love in Okinawa (Special)

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Naoki and Kotoko are back! I am so grateful for this special episode as I have missed them since Season 1 ~ Enjoy this episode while waiting for Season 2. 

Our couple is aboard a plane – direction Okinawa for they honeymoon. Naoki pretends to sleep while Kotoko tries to be fancy and speak English when the stewardess asks her what she wants to drink. Kotoko’s cute and broken English draws laughter from one of her neighbors.

Naoki also comments on Kotoko speaking English. Why is she trying so hard? This is only a trip to Okinawa. Kotoko explains that it’s her first time flying and goes on a rant… She also starts snapping pictures of Naoki, who is always being a party pooper – not smiling in the pictures and deciding to take a nap instead.

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