Moonlight Drawn By Clouds: Eunuch Style


Is this Sungkyunkwan Scandal v 2.0 that I smell? The recipe of one uptight young man, one mane of glory, one womanizer, and one too pretty to pass for a real boy cross=dresser, equals a sageuk fusion cake!

I am totally in the mood for the hijinks of another ancient F4 complete with palace politics. MDBC tells the story of young Crown Prince Lee Yeong who is the carefree, yet sarcastic underdog of the palace. His father seems to be a lame duck of a king who is being controlled by the queen’s family. Instead of embroiling himself in the palace battle, the Crown Prince prefers to stay out of the way and constantly dons costumes in order to explore out of the palace. One day he meets Ra-On, who on the surface looked like a young noble boy. However, Ra-On is actually a girl who is trying to earn a living doing whatever she can whether that be writing fake love letters or acting in a circus play. One love letter she ends up ghost writing for, was actually between the Crown Princess and a noble who was in love with her.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 8 Recap


Episode eight starts with Jung Tae and Shinichii hashing out the details of the deal. Jung Tae and Hong Sik then go to the gisaeng house where Ok Ryeon comes out. They ask her if Choi Po Soo is in who happens to be assassin ahjussi. They beg him to teach Jung Tae how to fight with a sword. Po Soo teaches Jung Tae how to take hits from a professional swordsman and Jung Tae adapts to even getting a few hits in. Po Soo comments on how his fist is like steel and he’s only felt a fist like this one other time. He thinks that Jung Tae may die because the opponent is so much stronger, but he says Jung Tae’s father won in such odds. Jung Tae continues practicing and training, shirtless. He goes to his mother’s grave and puts the letter from his sister at the grave because he is too afraid to read it.

8.1 8.2

Jung Tae goes to meet Ok Ryeon and says he wants to make up for the eight hours he missed with her. She is suspicious something is wrong. She agrees to stay with him all day long. They go for a ride on the same bicycle, and he teaches her to ride it by herself as well. They go shopping cutely at the market and play dress-up. SO CUTE. And feeding each other cotton candy. Meanwhile the Dobi gang are suspicious where Jung Tae is going, noticing he is going to Il Gook Hwae. Gaya slips into Shinichii’s room and finds a photo of her mother and Shinichii from the olden days. Shinichii barges in and tries to take the picture from her, but she is too fast for him. She wants to know their connection, and the fight over the picture ends up ripping it in half with Shinichii holding the mother’s side and Gaya holding his side. She orders him to tell her, but he smashes a table and refuses.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 7 Recap


Episode seven opens with the gang surrounding Jung Tae. The fight stars with Jung Tae having the upper hand against what seems like at least 20 people with bats. However midway through the fight, Jung Tae is knocked upon the head and something in his body also snaps terribly. The gang leader chuckles ominously commenting how he didn’t believe he should have brought so many guys, but now is glad he did. Meanwhile, Ok Ryeon waits outside the Chinese restaurant while it closes down. Jung Tae crawls out of the warehouse, barely any strength to hold himself up. He manages to crawl to Ok Ryeon who holds his head in her in horror. He tries to find the lost ring to give to her.

7.1 7.2

Ok Ryeon nurses Jung Tae while he holds her hand pitifully. Then he actually manages to kiss her, well make out….on the bed. No strength to turn himself over, but strength enough to kiss. HAHA. Meanwhile, Ggoo’s hyungnims meet Poong Cha who had found out that Ggoo sent the gang members to beat up Jung Tae. A fight is about to ensue while Ggoo hides behind the gathering circle. Poong Cha doesn’t back away and actually gets thrown by the other guy. However, he recovers quickly and pounds the guy into the ground. Ggoo meanwhile finds out that his name has been leaked and now the hyungim is looking for him. The hyungnim interrogates Ggoo and aks him if he tried to kill Jung Tae. Ggoo confirms and gets beaten to a pulp just like his hyungnim was.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 6 Recap


Episode six starts with the reunion of Jung Tae and Gaya. He apologizes for the past and she accepts. However she apologizes in advance for needing to hill his father or everyone he loves. However, he defends back that if she harms anyone he loves, he won’t stand aside. She who has no one else to protect is stronger than him. They part on bitter terms.

6.1 6.2

Meanwhile Jung Tae meets Il-Hwa. Il-Hwa throws a knife at Jung-Tae as a greeting while Jung Tae throws it back in return. An exchange of metaphor threats are made before the knife is returned to the wall, but cutting Jung Tae’s ear passing by. A fight ensues, one where Jung Tae is losing against the more skilled Il-Hwa. Il-Hwa overpowers him and Jung Tae faints. Meanwhile, the old Japanese elder gives Aoki, the fighter who helped Gaya before, orders to expand into China.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 5 Recap


Episode five starts with Jung Tae fighting his way into the inner quarters of a rival gang. He takes them out with practiced ease. He meets Il Myung Sam Chi Gi, a group of small time smugglers. He beats out the inner circle before punishing the leader, asking him where the kids are located. However, in a moment of distraction, the beaten inner circle get up and get the better of him. Luckily Poong Cha come sin to save the day before anymore damage is done. Jung Tae finds the hidden kids in a room.

5.1 5.2

We flash to where grown up Ok Ryeon is bandaging up Jung Tae. Looks she still has a large crush on him, though I’m not sure if they are a couple yet. He meets up with Ggoo (who didn’t change appearance, Nasal voice and all) and appears to be working for him now. Ggoo says he saw Chung Ah who was wearing a butterfly headband, looks like Jung Tae is looking for her. I KNEW SHE DIDN’T DIE. In his anger, Jung Tae smashes his shot glass, shouting at Ggoo to tell him who kidnapped her.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 4 Recap


Episode Four starts with the  mysterious Japanese guardian almost killing Jung Tae before Gaya stops him, saying she will kill both the boy and his father. Jung Tae nods before passing out, as if he is agreeing to let her kill him. Jung Tae’s father meanwhile is still searching for the guy who killed Gaya’s father.  He meets the street elder who chastises Jung Tae’s father for messing things up and now having to leave. Gaya sits with her father’s ashes the next morning and finds a letter with her father’s marriage photo. The letter tells her to not trust the person who wears the other half of her amulet necklace. That person is the one who killed her mother.

4.1 4.2

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Inspiring Generation Episode 3 Recap


The episode starts with Jung Tae jumping off the bridge just as the train speeds by. Everyone watches in horror as he disappears into the waters below.  Both Ddol and Gaya are teary eyed when Jung Tae doesn’t resurface. Even Hong Sik thinks that he didn’t survive and was prepared to send his men to find the body. However, Jung Tae resurfaces a little ways down the river suddenly and swims towards the bank. Everyone is astounded and proud that he made the jump and survived. Jung Tae immediately asks if he can now “jump the train” with the Dobinori. Hong Sik ruffles his hair affectionately in approval. Jung Tae even gets admiration from the other members. Who wouldn’t after surviving that while still injured?

3.1 3.2

Nasal Boy (Do Ggoo) meanwhile is recuperating with his gang hyungnims. His boss warms him to not mess with the Dobinori right now because Poong Cha is there. However, when they are falling apart, that is the time to attack. Jung Tae visits his mother’s grave and talks about missing his father when he was away. However, he confesses to his mother that he is scared to jump the train, but he has no other way now. Gaya finds him at this spot and scolds him that he should see his mother when he is happy, not grumpy. She confesses that she couldn’t breathe when he didn’t come back up for air at the river. She gives him back the scrape ointment. She is about to leave when he holds her wrist to have her stay and watch the sunset. Such cute banter between them! He walks her home and she asks him if she could visit his mother when she is fustrated because she doesn’t have one herself. Then she gives him a kiss on the cheek….which is seen by Ok Ryeon. Teary-eyed Ok Ryeon starts running away and Jung Tae tires to explain but, isn’t able to hold her back.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 2 Recap


Episode 2 starts with the Dobinori gang realizing that someone has been using their name falsely. Hong Sik, the leader sends of his members to go find out who. Meanwhile Gaya is on the receiving end of the smuggled goods network and transports items such as cigarettes, alcohol, etc.  that have been swam over. It is implied that the transportation is long and arduous for the smuggler swimmers. Jung Tae however is laid up in the hospital from when he was beat down by the gang. Of course, Ok Ryeon steals money from the medicine to rush over and see if he is alright. He also gets another visitor at the hospital, second in command gangster Poong Cha who tries to get him to join their gang. Poong Cha is also in charge of keeping the town gangsters in line, the ones that make the deals with buyers after the goods are smuggled in from the trains.

2.1 2.2

We also see that a mysterious man is being released from prison, most likely Jung Tae’s father. Meanwhile mysterious Japanese underling arrives in town and sets out to find “Lady Gaya”. Gaya is selling American cigarettes under the cover of darkness when she get’s interrupted by a rival gang. They beat her down and are about to kill her when the Japanese savior arrives. He punishes the gang members with ease and she desperately calls after him wondering who he was. Same guy also kills a roomful of men, though we don’t know who they were other than the Japanese head official wanted them dead.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 1 Recap

Drama: Inspiring Generation/ Age of Feeling / 감격시대 / Gam-gyeog-si-dae

Starring: Kim Hyun-joong as Shin Jung-tae / Lim Soo-hyang as Deguchi Gaya / Jin Se-yeon as Ok Ryeon


Episode 1 starts off with Im Soo Hyang playing Gaya, a woman who seems to be out for revenge and is standing over man (that we cannot see), ready to kill.


The episode then jumps straight into action with Shin Jung Tae played by Kim Hyun-joong who is embroiled in a tough street fight against a hulk of a man. While it looks like he was holding his own at first, he is eventually knocked out by a particularly brutal hit to the head. Later, we found out that he was paid by his manager to purposely lose the fight. After the fight, his opponent came to pick a fight, he too believing that the fight was staged. Of course, Jung Tae beats him to the ground with ease. This was seen by  a fighting master who was also watching the fight earlier. He urges Jung Tae to go to Shanghai.

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