I Have a Lover: The Grass Isn’t Greener on the Other Side


This drama is not on my top watch list. As a matter of fact I’ve been skip-watching it: I press fast forward in the blink of an eye. Yet, I do appreciate the lesson that this drama carries.

Hae Kang is a lawyer who is always killing it in the courtroom. Losing a case? Humm, it’s rare for her. She’ll go really far to make sure she wins. But her success as a lawyer doesn’t quite reflect her marital life. Hae Kang and her husband Jin Eon have been going through a rough patch for quite a while. Jin Eon blames Hae Kang for putting her career above all, not caring enough about their marriage. The couple has experienced the loss of a child and Hae Kang primarily focusing on her career might be the result. Despite all, Hae Kang deeply cares for her husband. Yes, she hasn’t shown it as much as she could or should but she does.

Ahhh instead of understanding her, going to a counselor, trying to solve the problem, Jin Eon goes and has an affair. Great, isn’t that the best solution? Jin Eon, who is a professor, starts meeting one of his students. The student, Seol Ri, knows that he is married but doesn’t care much. Let’s make it short: Jin Eon continues his affair and then asks for a divorce. Hae Kang refuses at first but then let it go. Soon after, Hae Kang loses her memory after an accident/murder attempt. When she wakes up, she starts living as Yong Ki – her twin sister (I’ll keep calling her Hae Kang in this post).

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