Fall In Love With Me: An Unexpected Drama Crush

Disclaimer: I wrote this review before finishing the drama and oh boy I wish I had the courage to completely rewrite everything. This drama started off so good. The characters were cute and the plot made some sense. That was until the director ruined it all with repetitive arguments between the characters. Every time I thought an issue was resolved, the same problem would come again for the next five episodes. The ending was also rushed and didn’t tie loose ends.

To be honest, I started skipping throughout the episodes at some point… I am glad that I did.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 1.45.47 AM

Lu Tian Xing is an advertising genius. He is the CEO of one of the largest advertising company and credited for many successful campaigns. Tian Xing’ success makes him slightly conceited and sometimes annoying. When Tian Xing decides to take a break, everyone is surprised. The employees of his company, especially the COO, are shocked and don’t know how to work without him.

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Tian Xing drops his business clothes and uses his alter ego Xiao Lu to work at OZ. Compared to Tian Xing, Xiao Lu is funnier, nicer, and outgoing.

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