Hwayi (화이)


The movie Hwayi tells the dark tale of revenge by young boy who was raised by criminal fathers, but later finds out his true origins. After a botched ransoming event, five violent criminals called The Daybreakers decide to raise the child they had kidnapped. They named him, Hwayi, which is also the name of a species of Chinese Juniper under which he was originally buried. Being a bright young man, Hwayi grew up in this unique family with five fathers and woman that becomes his mother. Under their tutelage, he learns a number of skills such as sharpshooting, fighting, driving, etc, that could be useful in their line of trade. Though he calls all the others “dad”, he calls the leader, Suk-Tae, “father”. Even though he grows up under such dark influences, his softness is still there. While the “intellectual” father hopes that Hwayi will be kept pure and wants to send him to a formal school for art, Suk-Tae has other plans.

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