Sunset at Chao Phraya (1996 and 2013)

Sunset at Chaopraya is based on the novel Khu Kam wrote by Thommayanti. It tells the love story between a young Thai woman and a Japanese officer during World War II.

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Angsumalin is the daughter of a high ranking Thai official who lives with her mother and granddaughter, on the banks of the Chao Phraya river, in Thonburi (Her father is now married to another woman).

When Thailand signs a cease fire agreement with Japan, Japanese soldiers start arriving in Thailand. Their goal is to use Thailand’s railways and infrastructures to invade neighboring countries, including Burma. Kobori, a Japanese officer in charge of engineering matters, falls for Angsumalin at first sight. It is not the case for Angsumalin. She dislikes Kobori for being Japanese therefore an invader and also because of a promise she made to Vanut.

Vanut, Angsumalin’s closest friend, left for England to study. Having feelings for Angsumalin, he asks her to wait for him (So selfish). Angsumalin is now stuck with this stupid promise.

Kobori, who isn’t fazed by Angsumalin’s behavior toward him, pursues her – visiting her house, being nice to her family, etc. Little by little Angsumalin finds herself drawn to him. Yet, her pride (That pride SMH) causes her to push Kobori away.

An unfortunate (Fortunate for us viewers :-D) event has Kobori and Angsumalin in a comprimising situation that leads to their hasty marriage. During an attack by Western forces, Kobori protects Angsumalin by laying on top of her. They are later found in that position by several villagers. In order to protect Angsumalin’s name, the two have no choice but to get married. Angsumalin’s father had also been pushing for the union between her daughter and Kobori to create stronger ties between Japan and Thailand.

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The Rising Sun (Part I): Chemistry, bromance, and a little craziness

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I just started The Rising Sun. After Sanaeha Sunya Kaen I needed a new lakorn. So far, I am enjoying it. The costumes are beautiful and the cast gorgeous. It also is a little more realistic than I thought it would be. Sorry, the Cubic disaster is still fresh in my mind :-D. I was a little worried that the drama might be a mess since the actors don’t speak Japanese and that there might be some cultural discrepancies. I am sure there are some, but not that bad though :-P. What I have noticed is time and context discrepancies. I had the feeling that the drama was taking place in the past – 1980s or 1990s – but the outfits look so modern sometimes (i.e. men’s suits).

The Misawa and Onizuka families are two prominent families in the southern part of Japan. The families’ ancestors used to be samurais who were in charge of protecting the Emperor of Japan. Although there are no more samurais, both families still hold a certain influence in society. They own major businesses and preserve order. Furthermore, both families uphold high moral values.

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Takeshi from the Onizuka family and Aiko from the Misawa family are meant to be married. The marriage decision was taken since both were young. Takeshi isn’t interested in Aiko, but the latter is head over heels for him. Aiko is ready to go after anyone who is romantically involved with Takeshi . Here come the craziness -___-. Aiko is more obsessed than in love. She even goes as far as to have Seiko kidnapped and sold. This deal does come at a heavy price for Aiko.

The worst part is that Aiko’s father clearly wants the union between Takeshi and Aiko to go through although Takeshi doesn’t feel anything for Aiko. What a wonderful father -___-. At first I wondered why Aiko’s father wanted to move forward with the union so much, but it perfectly makes senses especially after watching the latest episodes. He has always been jealous of Takeshi’s father and the influence of the Onizuka family. He wants the Misawa family to dominate and is ready to sell his daughter if needed.

I am currently at episode 4 and things are getting serious. Takeshi’s father, mother, brother, and sister-in-law, have been killed by Sato.

Sato is a yakuza, who is increasing the number of clubs, drug smuggling, and gambling houses in the areas under the Onizuka and Misawa families. He also forces shop owners to pay a “protection fee.” He wanted to get rid of the Onizuka family because they are preventing his illegal businesses to thrive.  Takeshi, who is now the head of the Onizuka family, and his cousin Ryu are still looking for more proofs to incriminate Sato, but so far nothing much. They are no proofs that Sato is the culprit so it will be hard to put him behind bars.

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Raeng Pradtanah (แรงปรารถนา)


Original Title: แรงปรารถนา

Episodes: 15

Year: 2013

Country: Thailand

Channel: Channel 3

Theme: Revenge, romance, drama

Pittaya (Nadech Kugimiya) was adopted by Khun Nop (Kriengkrai Oonhanun), after his mother passed away. He grew up along with Khun Nop’s three other children and was given the same care and love as them. His childhood was especially marked by his close relationship with Thae (Kimberly Ann Voltemas), the youngest of Khun Nop’s children.

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But now that they are older, things have completely changed and both of them can’t stand each other anymore. The headstrong and sassy Thae continuously does her best to ruin Pitt’s love life and career, but Thae’s childish ways toward Pitt are only ways to demand his attention. After Pitt started dating Rawee (Mint Natwara Wongwasana), Thae felt neglected and didn’t clearly understand what she had done wrong. Things get further complicated when Khun Nop announces his desire to have Pitt and Thae get married and that despite Pitt already being with Rawee.

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Always arguing

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Always crying (God please make every woman a pretty crier… ^_^)

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