A Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애) Episode 7

Dong Ha gets ready to attend the alumnae meeting. He is seen rehearsing in front of the mirror, which shows that his confession was sincere!

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Shi Hoon’s arrival causes the girls to go crazy! They haven’t seen him in so long; they all want to catch up but that’s not the case for Ji Yeon. She quickly leaves. She goes to cry in the garden and that’s where Shi Hoon finds her. She hasn’t changed. She always pretends to be strong and isolates herself when she needs to cry. Ji Yeon admits that everything hasn’t been great since he abandoned her. She was depressed and even sent to the hospital because she had collapsed. How dares does he show up like nothing happened?! Shi Hoon doesn’t have the time to give an explanation because Ji Yeon is furious and Dong Ha shows up.

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A Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애) Episode 5

Dong Ha puts the polar bear picture in a frame, which Soo Chul doesn’t fail to notice. Soo Chul is convinced that Dong Ha feels something for Ji Yeon; he adds that there is nothing wrong with that although the age gap is quite large. Dong Ha tries to Soo Chul for talking and their wrestling is interrupted by Dong Ha receiving a phone call.Apparently, Dong Joo (Who is that?) can get the surgery. The only problem is the cost.

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A Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애) Episode 4

Dong Ha is still scolding Ji Yeon for making him worry when she passes out due to the sedative. The nurse tells Dong Ha that when Ji Yeon wakes up she needs to have a CT scan. Dong Ha also gets the cut on his arm treated.

Team Leader Byun, his accomplices, and Yong Shik rush to the hospital. Ji Yeon’s bed is covered with a blanket so they all assume that she is dead. Yong Shik starts crying while Team Leader Byun claims that it’s impossible for a witch to die. Their despair is cut short by the shaman rising from under the blanket. She changed beds because she didn’t want a bed with negative energy so why is it that she can’t peacefully sleep?! The shaman tries to sleep again when she is disturbed by the nurse. The nurse asks the shaman to cut the crap and return to her bed.

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A Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애) Episode 3

Dong Ha is so confused. What is Ji Yeon doing?! Ji Yeon is still shocked by the 14 years age difference. She quickly rushes Dong Ha outside. He is too young  for her. Dong Ha thinks she is exaggerating, but has not choice.

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Dong Ha knocks at the door again. Ji Yeon dropped her bandages on the floor. Ji Yeon wonders if Dong Ha saw her getting beaten. If that’s the case, it might be even more awkward between them. Oh well, she comforts herself with the thought that they might never see each other again.Dong Ha, who now knows that they are neighbors, is not that convinced. He seems also frustrated by the fact that nothing happened between them (Such a perv ;-D). Both of our male leads lay in bed, but are unable to sleep due to all sorts of thoughts.

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A Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애) Episode 2

Dong Ha decides to jump in when he sees Ji Yeon being ridiculed. He doesn’t quite understand why he has to do this. He seems to get in trouble every time he sees Ji Yeon.

Ji Yeon is surprised by the kiss. Who is this dude? It’s been six years since her last kiss and something feels off (You need to get used to it again 😀). One thing is sure: She doesn’t hate it. After the kiss, Dong Ha hugs her. Soo Chul is looking in disbelief (Take this!). Team Leader Byun and his accomplices are also speechless. The only person who looks happy is Yong Shik.

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A Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애) Episode 1

To the millions of single women in the nation, whose love cells have dried solid, don’t give up yet. Who knows? A new romance might start as your destiny changes today.

The scene switches to Ban Ji Yeon on a bike being chased by Yoon Dong Ha in a Santa Claus outfit. Dong Ha yells at Ji Yeon that she needs to return the bike. How far is she planning on going? Ji Yeon keeps ignoring him; she apparently has a mission to accomplish and why should she stop for a fake Santa in the middle of the month of March?

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