Noble, My Love: Short and Cheesy

Noble My Love

Extremely short! One episode is about 15-17 minutes, which makes it easy to binge on. I am guilty of binging as this is how I spent my Friday night. The plot line is simple and similar to countless others: Chaebol meets girl and falls for her. He then sweeps her off her feet and offers her the world.

Lee Kang Hoon is attractive, single, smart and rich. The main girl, Cha Yoon Seo, is a vet who just opened her practice outside of Seoul. Yoon Seo has loans to repay and strives to make her practice successful. Except that living outside of Seoul, her patients are often cows and her revenue remains meager.

By a turn of fate, Yoon Seo ends up treating Kang Hoon for a knife wound. The encounter is somewhat memorable for both of them, but mostly for Kang Hoon. He impatiently waits for Yoon Seo to contact him, hoping that she will ask to be compensated. When she doesn’t, Kang Hoon goes to her. Shocked and embarrassed by the fact that Yoon Seo asks for her a small amount, he decides to pay her in his own way: Have her move to Seoul where she can open a practice in one of his buildings – a greater and larger location. It’s only just a way to keep Yoon Seo close to him as he is intrigued and drawn to her.

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