Inspiring Generation Episode 15 Recap


Episode Fifteen starts with the fight between Shinichii and Baek San with Baek San using his special move that causes internal bleeding and obviously having the upper hand. Kazuki, Gaya’s samurai servant calls in Shinichii for him to go back. Nobody dies tonight as the fight is interrupted. Baek San tries to play the good friend who saved Jung Tae, but Jung Tae isn’t having it since his eyes are opened to who killed his father with the help of Ggoo’s observations. He says he will definitely repay the debt that he owes Hwangbang. Meanwhile Gaya is still talking to Leader Seul. She is intent on finding out who killed her mother. He tells her mother was of the Yakuza, but was well liked by Club Shanghai. Turns out the room she was using was her mothers and was left untouched until she came. Even the owner of Shanghai preserved the room the way it was.

15.1 15.2

Gaya is glad that Shinichii is alright even after Baek San’s special move. Turns out Gaya was the one who sent Shinichii to draw out Baek San and open Jung Tae’s eyes to Hwangbang. They now wait for Jung Tae to stand alone. Shinichii asks if Leader Seul told her about her mother’s death. She wonders why he is curious. Jung Tae muses about what he saw tonight and how he should fight Baek San in the future. He choreographs the fight in his head, but even in his head Baek San is too fast and he could only land a few punches. He gets on the floor to try to do pushups….one handed because of his injured shoulder. He continues to train and exercise throughout the town. Old Man Fly watches and wonders what his reasoning is. He asks Jung Tae who he thinks the owner of Bangsamtong is to which Jung Tae replies…Jae Hwa? Old Man Fly tells him that fights start with your head and that it will take him a long time.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 14 Recap


Episode starts with Jae Hwa taunting Jung Tae with the autopsy report in his coat pocket. Before they can start fighting he receives the news that both the French and Young Mi sides are checking for papers in Bangsamtong. Jae Hwa rushes outside and pays off each police officer from his own pocket to get them to stop beating the people. Jung Tae also rushes outside and starts hitting the police officers when they try to get Ok Ryeon and a child. It ends up being a full out fight between Jung Tae and the police officers. A crowd gathers around to watch and cheer for Jung Tae. So-So begs her father to stop or help him, but her father is too busy enjoying the show. Finally the commander had enough of his officers being beat and gets off the horse to challenge Jung Tae directly. He pulls out a sword.

14.1 14.2

Head police officer starts a hack-a-fest and Jung Tae avoids easily. Jung Tae lands critical punches on the man’s stomach and knocks him to the ground. However, Jae Hwa arrives and punches Jung Tae for starting the fight mindlessly and scolds Old Man Fly (So-So’s father) for letting things get out of hand. Jae Hwa sends Jung Tae to Federal prison and Soon Po head officer to be healed at Daeha’s restaurant. Jae Hwa shoves Jung Tae into Soon Po’s hands. Shinichii had watched the fight in the background.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 13 Recap


Episode thirteen starts off with the mysterious samurai in shanghai bund wear fighting Jung Tae. Jung Tae ends up being sliced several times by this man. I feel like he is being stabbed in the same spot over and over again by different people. Meanwhile Gaya teases Jae Hwa whether she killed his hyungnim out of kindness or if it was an act of murder. They being to fight as well. Jae Hwa is fast, but not as fast as Gaya’s knives. She nearly kills him and he makes her Bangsamtong’s enemy. Gaya responds that Bangsamtong’s real owner is Shin Jung Tae, but Jae Hwa says it is him, the new owner of Club Shanghai. Jung Tae is still figuring out how to avoid the new guy’s sword and has a hard time doing so. While Shinichii was disciplined in his swordsmanship and based his attacks using certain stances, the new guy slices and dices in all angles.

13.1 13.2

By closing the distance and tricking the new fighter, he avoids a blow and knocks the man down. He grabs the guy’s sword and threatens him. Before Jung Tae can kill the guy, So-So’s father appears and blocks him….with skill..and then chucks a bucket of water at assassin samurai who took this opportunity to run away. Baek San had been watching the whole fight. Meanwhile Jae Hwa wants to find the relationship between Gaya and Jung Tae. Jung Tae is taken to Dae Ha’s restaurant to be patched up. So-So helps Soo Won sew up Jung Tae, but grimaces at the sight of blood and so is sent to get Ok Ryeon. Soo Won scolds Jung Tae for fighting all the time and having Ok Ryeon sewing him up all the time. Ok Ryeon refuses to help and rides away.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 12 Recap


Episode twelve starts with Leader Seul’s surprised face as he sees the body in the coffin is not Young Chools. Instead, we see Jae Hwa’s gang carry the real coffin into the doctor’s place where Soo Won and Ok Ryeon are. As Jung Tae thinks back to So-So’s words, he quickly changes out of his funeral attire. Gaya is told by her subordinate that Yamamoto lost the body, but Gaya could tell by Leader Seul’s eyes that the corpse isn’t the right one. However, before she could check the body again, Leader Seul gets a letter from Jae Hwa who requests to meet him. He tells Baek San to escort Chiringbang out and contact them later about the burial. The Chiringbang are lead out and Baek San tries to stop Gaya from seeing the body. However, they are evenly matched and Gaya manages to open the coffin and confirm that the body was the wrong one.

12.1 12.2

Soo Won checks over Young Chool’s body while Jae Hwa’s underlings freak out over stabbing Hwangbang in the back by stealing the body. Soo Won determines the cause of death by first looking at the stab wounds that Gaya had made. However she notices bruises elsewhere that shows that the amount of internal damage before the knife wound would have killed Young Chool anyways. Therefore, an indirect and direct cause of death. Meanwhile Jae Hwa meets Leader Seul and he gloats about his success. Jae Hwa requests to keep Club Shanghai as well as have Leader Seul tell Chiringbang that Bangsamtong is under Jae Hwa’s care. Jae Hwa threatens humiliation for Leader Seul who lost the body. Meanwhile Leader Seul’s goons tear apart Club Shanghai to look for the body, and Leader Seul guesses correctly that the body is actually hidden in DaeHa Restaurant which is the International Red Cross Foundation which Hwangbang can’t touch. Leader Seul is willing to let go of Bangsamtong, but not Club Shanghai.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 11 Recap


Episode 11 starts with Jung Tae fighting against Jae Hwa’s minions before getting distracted by Ok Ryeon’s appearance and her friend’s boiling water interventions. After he deems this fight unsuccessful, his gang and him leave. However, he wishes to see Hwa Ri, a man who picks up dead bodies. Once again Ok Ryeon watches over Jung Tae’s unconscious body while begging Soo Won unni (boiling water friend) who seems to be a doctor to help him. She assures her that he is okay and knowingly smiles and says that this guy was the one Ok Ryeon was waiting for five years. She takes up her old spot by his bedside.

11.1 11.2

Meanwhile Leader Seul tells Baek San to go get Jung Tae for his father’s funeral parade. The leader has high hopes that Jung Tae follows in his father’s footsteps. Jae Hwa goes and visits Soo Won and daringly puts his arms around her waist…before stabs his hands with a syringe. She threatens to inject air and he lets go as she digs the needle in deeper. Jung Tae finally wakes up and jumps from the bed when he sees Jae Hwa and refuses to shake his hand. His gang enters again and he tries to make excuses for them, fakingly having them bow to their past hyungnim’s son. He tries to draw Jung Tae out for the funeral, but Jung Tae tries to be indifferent. Even Jae Hwa is astounded by Jung Tae’s attitude. Ok Ryeon also tries to persuade him to bring his father’s dead body. We learn that her mother and the assassin ahjussi died in the river crossing when they were trying to escape. She calls it even that neither of them knew what happened to the other party.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 10 Recap


Episode Ten opens with Gaya walking out to meet Yamamoto who is in charge of Shanghai. He greets her and she ignores him completely. She insults him that he has not been able to take over Shanghai yet and then delivers a slap right in front of all his people. She decides to tour the city in a rickshaw even though it is more dangerous than a car. Meanwhile Jung Tae walks the streets of Shanghai as well. These two barely miss one another, passing just a few feet from one another. In a moment of distraction, Jung Tae gets pick pocketed by a girl….maybe his sister?!?! Anyways, he manages to track her down and get his stuff back. He also asks her if she knows a place where he can stay.

10.1 10.2

Gaya decides to walk alone and manages to track several black clad gangsters behind her until she is sandwiched in the middle between two armies. Mysterious ahjussi who wanted Jung Tae to go to Shanghai appears to greet her. Wang Baek San is his name and he is in charge of Hwangbang. Gaya invites him to a party at the Shanghai Club and he agrees to come, but she wants Seul Do Sang, the leader of Shanghai to come. Bangsamtong is her next target. Baek San goes to visit Do Sang, but gets scolded for letting Gaya into the city. He tells Baek San to pay back the insult or else he is humiliated. They worry that Bangsamtong will crumble and want Jung Tae to protect it.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 9 Recap


Episode nine starts with Il Hwa deciding to go all out against the fight with Gaya. They are quite evenly matched and both land hits on one another. Meanwhile Hong SIk wakes up from being knocked out and asks the Dobi member watching over him where the keys are. The Dobi member breaks down and tells Hong Sik, Poong Cha’s last words. Both sob desperately for the loss of their brother. Hong Sik cannot contain his sorrow.

9.1 9.2

In the last round of the fight, Gaya purposefully exposed her weak spot so that Il Hwa could land some hard punches. She then voiced, “I lost” so that Il Hwa could take Jung Tae away. Il Hwa realizes that Gaya loves Jung Tae and approves of her foresight to save the man. Meanwhile, Shinichii is very suspicious of Gaya’s loss. As Il Hwa and his servant are carrying Jung Tae home, they are accosted by about 30 men wanting a fight. However, Il Hwa deduces that they are not acting out of Gaya and Shinichii’s order because they wouldn’t do something so cowardly. They realize that their headquarters in Dandong is being attacked and is lost now too. We see that old Gramps and Aka have destroyed the place. They have taken over the gateway to China.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 8 Recap


Episode eight starts with Jung Tae and Shinichii hashing out the details of the deal. Jung Tae and Hong Sik then go to the gisaeng house where Ok Ryeon comes out. They ask her if Choi Po Soo is in who happens to be assassin ahjussi. They beg him to teach Jung Tae how to fight with a sword. Po Soo teaches Jung Tae how to take hits from a professional swordsman and Jung Tae adapts to even getting a few hits in. Po Soo comments on how his fist is like steel and he’s only felt a fist like this one other time. He thinks that Jung Tae may die because the opponent is so much stronger, but he says Jung Tae’s father won in such odds. Jung Tae continues practicing and training, shirtless. He goes to his mother’s grave and puts the letter from his sister at the grave because he is too afraid to read it.

8.1 8.2

Jung Tae goes to meet Ok Ryeon and says he wants to make up for the eight hours he missed with her. She is suspicious something is wrong. She agrees to stay with him all day long. They go for a ride on the same bicycle, and he teaches her to ride it by herself as well. They go shopping cutely at the market and play dress-up. SO CUTE. And feeding each other cotton candy. Meanwhile the Dobi gang are suspicious where Jung Tae is going, noticing he is going to Il Gook Hwae. Gaya slips into Shinichii’s room and finds a photo of her mother and Shinichii from the olden days. Shinichii barges in and tries to take the picture from her, but she is too fast for him. She wants to know their connection, and the fight over the picture ends up ripping it in half with Shinichii holding the mother’s side and Gaya holding his side. She orders him to tell her, but he smashes a table and refuses.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 7 Recap


Episode seven opens with the gang surrounding Jung Tae. The fight stars with Jung Tae having the upper hand against what seems like at least 20 people with bats. However midway through the fight, Jung Tae is knocked upon the head and something in his body also snaps terribly. The gang leader chuckles ominously commenting how he didn’t believe he should have brought so many guys, but now is glad he did. Meanwhile, Ok Ryeon waits outside the Chinese restaurant while it closes down. Jung Tae crawls out of the warehouse, barely any strength to hold himself up. He manages to crawl to Ok Ryeon who holds his head in her in horror. He tries to find the lost ring to give to her.

7.1 7.2

Ok Ryeon nurses Jung Tae while he holds her hand pitifully. Then he actually manages to kiss her, well make out….on the bed. No strength to turn himself over, but strength enough to kiss. HAHA. Meanwhile, Ggoo’s hyungnims meet Poong Cha who had found out that Ggoo sent the gang members to beat up Jung Tae. A fight is about to ensue while Ggoo hides behind the gathering circle. Poong Cha doesn’t back away and actually gets thrown by the other guy. However, he recovers quickly and pounds the guy into the ground. Ggoo meanwhile finds out that his name has been leaked and now the hyungim is looking for him. The hyungnim interrogates Ggoo and aks him if he tried to kill Jung Tae. Ggoo confirms and gets beaten to a pulp just like his hyungnim was.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 6 Recap


Episode six starts with the reunion of Jung Tae and Gaya. He apologizes for the past and she accepts. However she apologizes in advance for needing to hill his father or everyone he loves. However, he defends back that if she harms anyone he loves, he won’t stand aside. She who has no one else to protect is stronger than him. They part on bitter terms.

6.1 6.2

Meanwhile Jung Tae meets Il-Hwa. Il-Hwa throws a knife at Jung-Tae as a greeting while Jung Tae throws it back in return. An exchange of metaphor threats are made before the knife is returned to the wall, but cutting Jung Tae’s ear passing by. A fight ensues, one where Jung Tae is losing against the more skilled Il-Hwa. Il-Hwa overpowers him and Jung Tae faints. Meanwhile, the old Japanese elder gives Aoki, the fighter who helped Gaya before, orders to expand into China.

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