Mia Taeng (เมียแต่ง)


Khong Khai is a spoiled rich brat, who refuses to take anything seriously. His mother is worried about his future and decides to give him a good bride. Arunprapai is pretty, simple, hard working, and honest. Arunprapai agrees to marry Khong Khai to escape from her ex boyfriend. Poochom – the ex boyfriend – cheated on Arunprapai and made the third party pregnant. Arunprapai knows Poochom has new responsibilities and a relationship between them is now impossible. She does her best to push him away, but he refuses to let go.

Things would be a lot simpler too if Khong Khai wasn’t in a relationship with Brung, a famous model. Brung sees her relationship with Khong Khai as a getaway from her abusive adoptive family, especially her brother who has feelings for her. Brung’s adoptive family is interested in Khong Khai’s family business and they are willing to do anything to get full control. Khong Khai’s mother knows Brung’s family intentions and in addition she thinks Brung is not suitable.

Pause. I want to mention the amazing song that plays throughout the drama:

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