Year End Special: Let’s Go to School!

High school/college could have been the times of our lives or the depths of hell. Now that I am finally finished with both, it’s an odd feeling to be reminiscing about those experiences. This year brought a barrage of school related dramas and whole bunch of feels. Just how I like them.

Geography Class: School 2015: Who Are You?

Part of the famous “School” series, “2015” tries out the long lost twin sister game. Separated by just a few towns over, these girls encounter countless obstacles preventing their reconciliation. However, they have one common factor, a villainous bully who can’t wait to wrap her arms around both girls’ necks. This bully who seem to have no morals and that we would love to see her eyes get poked out. Lukily, we get to see an awesome transformation from a once meek twin to one who’s heart seems to be made of ice. Well, revenge is always best served cold…with a warm Sungjae smile on the side! Whispers: and let’s all agree that the writers messed up the ending when the OTP proportions were already on point for 15/16 episodes.

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Sassy Go Go! : Cheering Me Up!


I came in with low expectations as I’ve watched several school dramas this year and wasn’t sure if another one would keep me interested. I am most definitely glad I took this one up! This drama is breezy with a dose of teenage angst. While the story and themes are not new, it is the characters that make up the heart of this piece. This drama focuses on two rival groups at Sae Bit High. The White Tigers which consist of the top 5% of the school are intelligent, smart and have wealthy parents to back them up or storm up the school. They receive all the resources of the school. Meanwhile, Real King consists of students who are less intelligent than the rest of their peers and are more focused on friendships and dancing instead of academics.

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