Sawan Biang: The beginning of my journey to LakornLand

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My first lakorn! Also one of my favorites! Thanks for phoenix to recommending it and definitely remembering that she made me an addict 😀

Original Title: สวรรค์เบี่ยง

Episodes: 12

Channel: Channel 3

Theme: Revenge, slap-kiss


Kawee is a rich, spoiled, uncontrollable, and psycho heir. He is full of himself and believes that everyone should kiss the ground he walks on. The dude has serious psychological issues.

We get a glimpse of Kawee’s character at a farewell party for him going to America to study (Dramas sometimes make me feel like the US is the only country on earth -___-). Leela, a young woman who is head over heels Kawee, shows up to say goodbye to him. Kawee coldly rejects her by belittling her present and herself. Heartbroken Leela runs out of the party in tears followed by her sister Narin. Leela gets hit by a car and is sent to the emergency room. Luckily she survives.

Fast forward several years later. Leela is soon to be married when she gets into another accident (Seems like she gets into accident every five seconds. The writer could have been more creative). Her fiance was the one driving the motorcycle and passes away. The other car involved in the accident is Kawee’s father. Kawee’s father, Kid, feels guilty and starts taking care of Leela who is recovering physically and mentally.

Leela isn’t interested in Kid at first. That’s before she finds out that he is Kawee’s father and that Kawee is back in Thailand. What better way to take revenge than going after Kawee’s father? Bye bye nice Leela. Say hi to conniving Leela.

Leela quickly jumps the broom with Kawee. Her family – mother, brother, and her sister Narin – move in to live in Kid’s huge mansion. Narin, our main character, is reluctant when moving into the house. She knows that Kawee hates her family. How far would he go to harass them? Pretty far…

Kawee starts continuously harassing Narin to make Leela jealous and wreak havoc between the sisters. Kawee continuously flirts with Narin and what starts as a game evolves into something else. Kawee falls into his own trap and starts developing feelings.

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Majurat See Nam Pueng (มัจจุราชสีน้ำผึ้ง)


Original Title: มัจจุราชสีน้ำผึ้ง

Episodes: 15

Year: 2013

Country: Thailand

Channel: Channel 3

Theme: Romance, revenge

Paat (Ken Theradeeth Wonpapuan) and Rojanasnai/Peung (Pichy Namtarn) enter a marriage despite their different personalities and ill feelings toward each other. Paat didn’t trust women and Peung already had a boyfriend, Prawut (Tah Warit Tipgomut) , who she had to break up with.

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Awwwnnnnn how cute! I actually really liked the ex-BF a lot ~

Their union stems from a promise between their parents. Pueng also accepts to replace her younger sister Romereuthai (Saiparn), who was originally supposed to marry Paat. It’s Pueng’s way to repay her uncle and aunt for adopting her.

As soon as they get married,Paat – the owner of a tea plantation – takes her to the countryside. Far from her family and ex-boyfriend, she will have to start anew. Pueng‘s relationship with Paat and her new life on the plantation will be paved with many roadblocks.

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