Love Me If You Dare: Chinese Sherlock!


As a big fan of psychological crime dramas such as Missing Noir M and BBC/American Sherlock Holmes, I undoubtedly wanted to try Love Me If You Dare. Complete with the harpsichord-esque background music that appears in all Sherlock-y dramas (I’m looking at you, Korean I Remember You), our Holmes and Watson in this Chinese version are┬áSimon (Bo Jin Yan) and Jenny (Yao Yao).

Simon is a brilliant criminal profiler who acts as consultant to cases for the local police force. However, he is self-centered, eccentric, and unsociable to the extreme. He cares passionately about his work, and also seems to have gone through a traumatic incident not long before moving to the rural town he is staying at now. Meanwhile, Jenny is his assistant, hired at first as a translator for documents, but proving her own skills and talents in case deduction.

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